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  1. I dont think everyone will bother with every frame. Its not like EVERY quest frame has 4/4 good abilities.
  2. True but the way tje eidolons incorporate random spare parts for a arm and are otherwise broken looking does have some semblance to BF.
  3. But that build is not well known and the other options are hall of mirrors and eclipse. Eclipse is basically vex armor but even less reliable (you almost never get the full bonus as shown) And hall of mirrors is really damm iconic to mirage and her losing it would make her almost totally unused. Tho i agree that her augmented slight build is genuinely insane its really the only ability she can donate without her losing her identity as most know her. I can see a nerf inc for her aug if this is the case too, its not hard to see how op it will be to have banshee or nova with augmented sleight of hand. Overall this change will be rough on mirage. She is an rare frame with all 4 of her kit being really good when built for.
  4. Seriously The only transferable power is devour, which is definitely signature status Jokingly He is too big for Helmith to swallow.
  5. This 👏 person 👏 right 👏 here. 🎮 controller is limited in bindings as we are unable to do a lot of binds in ability menu we logically should be able too. Even if we could, ⌨🖱K&M does that better. PS4 has had native keyboard and mouse suppory since a year or so before the sacrifice launched. Sacrifice effectively brought full native support to warframe. BUT YOU CANNOT CHANGE KEYBINDINGS AND WE ARE STILL TEATHERED TO USING A CONTROLLER TO OPEN A VIRTUAL KEYBOARD THAT WE THEN PROCEED TO USE AN IRL KEYBOARD TO TYPE INTO. So.. yeah nothing DE does makes this old multiple platform player happy untill basic input support is actually there. Btw supposedly xbox which also has the native keyboard and mouse support can actually access the bindings menu for it. I am too lazy to install WF on my xbox to test myself but if what i have heard is true, it becomes accessable if you open the options menu using a keyboard and mouse. Also, minecraft, fortnight, both have this support.. i can access the keyboard and mouse bindings menu for minecraft without even having them plugged in. On my smartphone.
  6. Keyboard keybindings support when? Game and console has supported keyboard and mouse natively ingame since the sacrifice added the virtual mouse. However we still cannot change the keyboard and mouse bindings.
  7. Max range grendel.. you nuke the map by eating 10 enemies and then jumping in place..
  8. An IRL mastery icon, framed like a yourube playbutton.
  9. Tried to watch but that site utterlu littered my phone screen with ads and the video was silent. Upload to twitter and rip it to YouTube. Xbox DVR site is terrible. Speaking from personal experience... Idk why xbox stopped allowing upload ro YouTube.
  10. This stupid arguement happens every year. Its just like prime access, just like the "free" twitch stuff which isnt free and requires you paying for Amazon Prime (dont spout that free trial stupidity we all know that works once and you get the new free crap message every time new stuff happens). Its advertising ingame for paid access content. To be sure i hate the ads myself (shove off with that leverian garbage, you ruin my personal codex display DE) but if you want the special tennocon relay access PAY FOR IT. After all no "free to play" game is ever truely free.
  11. Just find a planet with no atmosphere and shoot the ground with either the positron ejector or cyclotron ballista. About 30 minuted to get 20 stacks of 9999.
  12. Simple. Make combo multiplier not affect the range part. Both SS and EB have direct damage. Quite frankly the ranged part of Storm is better than blade but the upclose part od blade is better than storm. Direct hits from Exaulted blade would benefit more, balancing the naturally stronger ranged thanks to the stances mobility and reach. Before Storms augment people claimed the waves were worse than blades, some even claiming them worthless and stating blade was universally better die to how much faster and mobile blade was. Of course those arguments always conveniently ignore that blade had an augment and was pathetic without it. So ya.. just make it so the waves dont benefit from acolyte effects. EBs better preformance with direct attacks would make up for it with them in fantastic fashion. Quite frankly SS not building due to the better ranged would balance it as well. Exaulted blade with primed reach actually does as well as any normal melee does, with the waves as an added bonus rather than feeling like a focus.
  13. 1. No, he is not going to be a "eat the entire map frame" the armor isnt intended as a core "always active" feature. 2. Not needed, already gets healed (you obviously dont play him), you want to make the ability LESS EFFICIENT so no. 3. Try him with 280% range and suggest buffing the base radius again 4. Energy drain with his 4 and overall power is far better with 10 enemies when cast.. even one enemy gives better energy economy when nuking with his ultimate. Again proof that people do not play this frame at all let alone properly. Btw double jumping instantly arrests momentum, or arrest it depending on which direction you are tilting movement stick/wsad.
  14. So this nerf would have no effect on you and you have nothing to complain about!
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