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  1. You can mute all transmissions but you will still get that stupid video blocking part of your UI.
  2. i just want innate Radiant drops for relics, and a flat double drops that stacks with boosters. we have increased chance, but i would rather have increased rates. as for making steel path farms meta... HELL YES. i want there to be a reason for people to do more difficult content. Right now it is do normal missions for more drops faster and easier.. that is completely backwards, normal missions should be faster, but Steel Path should give more. Warframe will never grow if players do not learn to grow in their game and rise to the challenge. quite frankly, st
  3. I dont have that kind of optimism when it comes to DE anymore.
  4. for me, the nerfing of Corrosive and Gas also nerfed the potential of the Zakti. i have one of the strongest Zakti Rivens you can find. unveiled and rolled by me. it is one of m... it WAS one of my strongest weapons when i could fully strip armor and gas proc at the same time. now a days the gas proc is all but worthless. that build is one of the weakest weapons i own outside the unique finisher mechanic.
  5. yep yep yep and yep. not a good reason to outright remove them tho. Content is Content. i dont want the removal of Content. even if its content i enjoy, but admittedly dont often play.
  6. i agree with that. dont agree with him on Archwing tho.
  7. again, Raids. oh yeah, and the Solar Rails, and the Void Towers, and Alerts, and Acolytes, and Plague Star, and Eidolons, and Nightwave, and Railjack. just wait.
  8. found this like they did with Raids, Acolytes, Plague Star?
  9. its good because DE keeps trying new things. sadly this is proven to be the worst part of this game too as they often abandon everything they add.
  10. There are people who still LIKE archwing, and the only reason the nodes are never played is the same reasons why people dont replay Sabatage missions on earth. DE, your attitude to Archwing has been telling of their general attitude to this game in general. Ignore something after the hype dies down and then nyx it from existance. it is a SLAP IN THE FACE of people who play the content that gets removed. there has been ENDLESS requests for reworking archwing missions, going back to before i even played. for a sample, People exist that ENJOY archw
  11. NO. i would far rather DE focus on WARFRAME than the meme of the month.
  12. i have an amazing riven for grattler. heat damage and fire rate. i think SC or SD too, but i dont remember atm. anyways it turns my grattler into a Heat Proc monster. which combined with the grattlers AMAZING aoe radius, well i still use it more than i use Mausolin or Ayanga.
  13. Chromas First... if they can make something amazing out of Chromas First ability.... that. would. ... be a deathly shock if im honest.
  14. energy leech eximus annoy me more. you can see nullifier bubbles to avoid them.. no true with the Energy Leech. you can be going about your buisness and suddenly have no energy with no Enemies in sight.
  15. same. i have planned Octavia to be my first and last full Prime access.. she is the frame that drew me into WF in the first place, the final tipping point. i have had her since day 2 of playing (a planned move of getting her with plat because i had looked up on the wiki the steps to unlock her, and knew i would be a month or so off). After nezha comes and goes, i will probably make my days with Octavia prime the final days i play warframe. too many company politics, too many promises broken or at best half implemented, too much Developer pride and apathy. too much potential that has gone
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