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  1. (PS4)ForNoPurpose

    Complaints about parts of revenants kit that make no sense

    Now that pegs revenant perfectly. 🤣
  2. (PS4)ForNoPurpose

    Hydroid's charge skills need an update.

    anyone wish you could "feed the kraken" ie have enemies killed by one cast of his 4 add a % of their health to the base damage of the tentacles of his next cast? anyways he is kinda slow, and it does hurt him sadly in a game about speed.. the same issue exists with Vaubans 1... a charged ball is decent, but in the same time you can have 4-6 casts that deal more overall damage. Likewise with Embers 1.
  3. (PS4)ForNoPurpose

    Rounding out Baruuk

    heh true he does struggle to do EVERYTHING at once... but he can still do these things while making level 145 armored targets look like they are trapped in a bouncy castle. And i wont say he isnt buggy, The fact the waves don't get combo damage bonuses is either a bug or DE being stupid with their upcoming melee 3.0 changes. even gunblade ranged attacks get the combo bonus despite literally being gunshots. Fix this and he would be a far better frame (take that video and half the TTK). as for "oh no my daggers are gone because they go after enemies and allies" need i remind that those daggers disarm, so either you and your allies have damage resistance (if its bugged fix it, i have yet to have issues with it) or the enemies lose their weapons and pose no threat anyways. its not just one at a time.. its as much as 4 at a time with a strong enough build as your allies are flinging out those daggers too. i have issues finding enemies that still have their guns so i can use Elude for some quick restraint loss... (edited in note: i wish the daggers seeked allies at twice the range of enemies or transfered faster) finally on the sleep effects being too easy to lose... i will not argue there, daggers should not wake and imo there needs to be a wake threshold as with other sleep abilites... DE tried to break a mold here by creating a slow sleep, it is a bit clunky but i love that the effect radius lingers briefly. I see a bit of the "Vortex sucks because Larva/Ensnare exists" arguement, which is not true itself. oh and i guess i should point out that the other exaulted abilites do have augments, and that exaulted blade kind of sucks without its augment. You can build a weird slash build that uses a mod to build combo on the slashes tho, always interesting to actually use that but Chromatic Blade is just that much of a game changer.
  4. (PS4)ForNoPurpose

    Rounding out Baruuk

    it proves its quite capable of dealing with heavy armor much to your assertions that it cannot. still ignoring that he can give his allies 90% damage reduction, perma-disarm and sleep enemies, and stack more damage resistance sources than any other frame. All while using an exalted with completely unsurpassed attack area. but feel free to stay...
  5. (PS4)ForNoPurpose

    Another Simple Chroma Rework

    have you? Vex Armor is considered one of the best abilities for defense and offense in the game and you have outright removed it. Eidolon runs still revolve around a good chroma, and his effectiveness in normal missions is extremely good. you have centered the entire kit around the pelt, for what reason? People already complain about how weak it is and i do not think removed energy costs and the removal of the ability that allows it to deal any semblance of useful damage at higher levels will help matters. You have changed 3 of his 4 abilities and his passive... this is literally a new frame at this point and you have in your head that such a level of change is "simple"? Have you ever developed a game? It is much more complicated than you seem to have in your head.
  6. (PS4)ForNoPurpose

    Another Simple Chroma Rework

    That is anything but simple.
  7. (PS4)ForNoPurpose

    Rounding out Baruuk

    Baruuk handles 100+ easily with his fists.
  8. Has happened twice now. The obvious solution is to kick the person responsible however in a clan of 900+ members the prospect of determining who is the culprit is an issue. The obvious sort term solution of altering permissions can only do so much.
  9. (PS4)ForNoPurpose

    Inaros Feedback/Rework

    Some people will complain about anything. Inaros is in no need of a rework/revisit. He is quite frankly solid and useful. Enough people play him for his various advantages and he is one of few frames with almost no weakpoints in his kit as he currently is. His passive is his weakest link easily. Simply put, it is not needed at all here when you weigh other frames against the limited time DE seems to put into updating/upgrading existing frames.
  10. (PS4)ForNoPurpose

    Rounding out Baruuk

    I also did tests not long ago. Same results with and without the meter... There is a lot of forma in my baruuk. Normal waves can hit for over 10k and slide attacks can deal 50-90k. Those slide atracks with direct fists strikes with combo meter, identical to valkyrs spin slide and hits multiple times. yeah armor needs to be stripped but its capable of doing that with corrosive procs.
  11. (PS4)ForNoPurpose

    Finally got baruuk.. i am disappointed.

    I put no mods into range.. elude is kinda meh and not worth losting power str. 100% you can still easily use elude as a quick restraint drain. Even then i prefer daggers + lull. Wind can deal plenty of damage.
  12. are those... flaming eyes on that revenant head? is it one sided or both sides? i think either way would be insanely awesome! also it kind of reminds me of a Protoss.
  13. (PS4)ForNoPurpose

    Finally got baruuk.. i am disappointed.

    Dude restraint is restored by storm, not drained.
  14. (PS4)ForNoPurpose

    Finally got baruuk.. i am disappointed.

    So melee should not be affected by the melee counter? How about having guns that dont shoot? How about a gun that turns into a frog and hops away when you pull the trigger?
  15. (PS4)ForNoPurpose

    Finally got baruuk.. i am disappointed.

    Wiki is not always right. Revenants lasers have a 100m range, double the listed 50m..