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  1. Aka the publicity stunt DE half implemented. As of 2 years now i have been asking "why support keyboard and mouse if you wont also support keybindings?". I am getting increasingly sick of DEs total apathy to their console players. So for those of you who dont know, on xbox and ps4 i know for a fact that warframe is fully playable with keyboard and mouse. You can navigate menus, play through missions, take advantage of the extra buttons and features that those extra buttons make avilable. The problem, is that for no given reason, no keybindings menu for keyboard and mouse is avilable. No a
  2. DE felt obligated to force a slow "virtual" curser based control setup on controller users on both PC and Console.. yet the controller keybinding is still limited and Keyboard and Mouse bindings menus are completely nonexistent on console. Despite the FACT that both xbox and PS4 have plug and play keyboard and mouse support, and that all default keybindings for warframe function normall on the systems.. There is no way to adjust or add new keybindings. In addition its been asked for years to have more functionality added to the "ability menu" of controllers, letting controller users
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