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  1. You ever use one outside of the plains? They are 100% overkill nearly all the time against normal mobs and rivens wete never the reason why.
  2. just buy a mote amp and level it.. sell it after.
  3. going to be honest here, Ignis has been over used for ages. even without a riven it utterly destroys in a such a way that putting tons of forma into it is well and truely worth it. there are weeks were i do not go a day without seeing a Ignis W user. the truely good weapons dont need rivens, never did.
  4. Real question here... WHO USES VIPER!? its legit one of the worst weapons in the game even with rivens!
  5. Yay monkey boy! Train boy next pls! Very exi.. de i dont care about some grineer noggle, Where is my Octavia noggle?
  6. WHAT IN THE!!! SERIOUSLY! summer is hot enough, can we get some COLD themed stuff this time of year? SAVE THE HOT STUFF FOR WINTER!
  7. Granted, but all the abilities crash the game. I wish for EA to be run by a talking Puppy.
  8. Ok, starting update and going back to bed. Wake me when we get endgame or a vauban rework.
  9. Meh. Sorry that this doesn't excite me, but this doesn't excite me. Warframe got too boring and im too sick of this introduce and forget it attitude to new content i have seen since i started playing. Ill help my clan with the event and i think i will end my association with warframe for the foreseeable future.
  10. Buff virtuos null. Vauban rework. Revenant off host bugfixes and look at enthrall synergy issues.
  11. FIX REVENANTS BUGS and for the sanity of all, please actually investigate the intent of archwing and the instant archwing removals in the open worlds.
  12. at this point im sure we are being ignored, again.
  13. none of the archwings last. every single enemy can instantly knock you out of Archwing. none of the archwing abilities are as effective as normal frame abilities or weapons. ability is exactly the problem. there is no benefit to any of the abilities beyond the speed and teleportation because everything else is effectively pointless. damage abilities have no effect, at all at the highest teir bounties where normal frame abilities can still do plenty of damage. EVEN TESLAS CAN FUNCTION BETTER. fact is there is not enough mods for archwing and not enough base damage and scaling to begin with. Even Amesha has no benefit compared to normal frame gameplay due to the intentional anti archwing systems designed specifically to remove it from gameplay. this intentional counter play and the ineffective nature of damaging archwing abilities means there is no benefit to anything but the unique speed benefits of Itzal.. the playerbase has known this for ages. I see as many Ameshas as i do Itzal in actual archwing missions, as well as Eltyron and Odonata..
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