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  1. ya, umm i know for a fact his first abilitiy still fails to function properly when not hosting.. 1: pillar does no contact damage 2: any damage source can destroy pillars (untill you intentionally destroy one with your 4) 3: Extend #2 to teammates... yes teammates can destroy your pillars. i have created multiple videos, at least once after each major update to prove the continuation of these bugs and they persist without notice.. no point at all in changing or reworking this stupid frame considering they cannot even get whats already there right.
  2. They can now. Ballas, the amalgams. Sentients are like the new, weird infested in this game.
  3. your Quote Fu is strong. at this point i have no idea what this topic is even about.
  4. Granted, but all the abilities crash the game. I wish for EA to be run by a talking Puppy.
  5. its been terrible for over a year now... the moment we got the virtual cursor the game on all platforms got that much slower.. its gotten like a crappy browser game... no not even that, a crappy browser game AD banner. its not just Console that has suffered from this, playing controller on PC has likewise become that much more cumbersome and awkward. using a Mouse and Keyboard on Console makes these issues no better. playing another game for over 3 weeks i got comfy with that nice instant menu selection that every normal game has... this. has. been. garbage. since. day. one.
  6. I would like slower pulses but they are hardly immune to everything. I do think they should be affected by things like Bastille as long as these fast pulses occur, as they have a sligh peroid when effects dont affect them (proven by how equinox slow takes a moment to reapply. Would be a nice buff for pure cc frames like vauban to be so good in disruption. Its not that vauban is bad but that nothing benefits his CC focused power set.
  7. Ok, starting update and going back to bed. Wake me when we get endgame or a vauban rework.
  8. i mean yeah, i would imagine that is obvious if you take a moment and notice the "PSN member" below my name. lol.
  9. "why is the camera so damm close to my frame? i can't see crap! its covering a 6th of my screen!" seriously DE, camera follow distance controls would be nice. next up... "ok, i know for a fact my sentinel weapon was fully equipped.. oh right DE messed that up before i stopped playing... and oh right, because you cannot share mods on sentinel weapons and the primarys i have to try and figure out which of two identical mods were the ones i leveled specifically for Sentinels, so i dont have to deal with the crappy Auto Resolve again" ................. DE... either A: have mods display if they are equipped on any weapon when selecting to equip them (stupid choice) or B: just let the sentinels mods share like Exaulted equipment can share identical mods. finally... After enough runs to clear an invasion.... "... ok there is nothing to do today and i am not looking forward to anything in this game.... whats on youtube?" *a hour later of not playing ingame* "screw it, i am done" seriously.. there is no difficulty, no point to playing when you have already gotten anything of worth. playing other games have really opened my eyes to how shallow an experience warframe is at times. i don't know if i can stick around long enough to mess with the update in 14 hours let alone until tennocon. no game lasts forever, least of all a person like me who can devote so much time. it really is a shame tho, so many good ideas and never any follow through. warframe could be a legend. instead its like a saturday morning cartoon that was taken 12 seasons past the ending the creators and anyone who actually cared on its production premiered and said people left. stupid analogy i know. and i do not care anymore. fun while it lasted, but i am just too bored with warframe now.
  10. i have given up on this.. the entirety of warframe follows a "implement and forget" attitude that has made me literally sick of playing. Revenant has been bugged since his launch, fake fixed and forgotten as per DEs usual.
  11. Meh. Sorry that this doesn't excite me, but this doesn't excite me. Warframe got too boring and im too sick of this introduce and forget it attitude to new content i have seen since i started playing. Ill help my clan with the event and i think i will end my association with warframe for the foreseeable future.
  12. Grab a Pox, toss a few at your feet or have Azima or any other "place somewhere and have it corrosive enemies in an area". spam your Block combo and enemies get brought into the corrosive. Add in the Shattering impact and corrosive procs and even the heavy gunners break down in seconds lvl 150 and above... everything else gets killed in one or two hits and the 90 degree wide cone of death is far stronger than it needs to be. Exalted blade is more effective in a line.. but a beam vs a wide cone lets storm hit far more targets. to make a point, Hysteria is even stronger than exalted blade, at least by 4x potential damage per second. but people dont like her due to how short ranged her damage is... build him right and you can easily go 2 hours in any mission. sigh............ anyways... Good joke OP.
  13. Endgame should be an encapsulation of everything that a game possesses to its most challenging degree.. Warframe has some stealth, lotsa mobility, tons of firepower, and extremely varied ability play. Eidolons at best rate like a boss mob, but there isn't enough to their fight to qualify as endgame on theit own. They are howver sufficent as a raid boss, there just needs to be more dynamic method of encounter/engagement before the actual fight that involves more.
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