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  1. Why do you assume that people who don't share your opinions are confused as opposed to simply disagreeing? I'm not a big fan of the design choices DE took either, especially with some of her animations, but this repeated notion throughout this thread that people who don't have those problems are confused, stupid or malicious is completely unnecessary and only serves to delegitimatize the position.
  2. The grind is definitely obnoxious, but Shelusine's position about what her 'target demographic' is pretty dubious too. It seems more like a sideways way to throw shade than an actual observation about her mechanics.
  3. I get that you hate Revenant's kit with a passion, what I don't get is why you're so obsessed with destroying him and having DE design a new frame with the same name. Like, I absolutely can't stand playing Trinity or Mag, but I'm not going around to as many threads as I could find demanding that DE scrub them from the game and replace them with something entirely different. I just... don't play them and let people who want to continue doing so. Not enjoying something is one thing but I really can't figure out this "nobody should be allowed to!" mindset you have about him.
  4. I mean, the main thrust of the OP's feedback is telling DE that they don't want her unlock requirements to be as heavily gated and clunky as Baruuk. That's completely fair game.
  5. Zenurik is definitely an appealing focus tree for obvious reasons but I think przemo887 and Steel Rook does a good job hitting on some of the other problems here. A cursory glance online has pretty much everyone telling everyone to take Zenurik as their first tree and given how rough DE has made focus progression without specialization, a lot of people are going to be stuck with their starting tree for a long time. Second, the Operator system itself is pretty niche right now. It's an important part Eidolon hunting, but that's a self contained ecosystem and outside of that and one and done story quests they aren't used all that much. Combine that with gear upgrades being part of the aforementioned Eidolon Hunt ecosystem and it means a lot of people aren't going to worry about it much. That means that 8/10 upgrades per tree aren't going to be relevant for those players either. That's not to say Zenurik isn't good and some of the other trees aren't pretty bad, but between slow progression, tedious acquisition of upgrades and how much of a walled garden Operator content is, it shouldn't be surprising that a lot of players just throw their first few points into the most ubiquitously useful tree and then never look back. Anecdotally at least I've wanted to try some of the other trees, only to remember that I'd need to grind lenses, upgrade those lenses, then engage in some cheesy-feeling tactics tangential to the core game in order to efficiently level those things up over the course of a couple weeks and... why would I want to bother with that? I feel like even without any balance passes if the focus/operator system didn't feel so hostile and disconnected from the rest of Warframe there'd be more variety on that ground alone.
  6. More ambient dialogue for everyone would be nice for sure. Especially as something progression-related. By the time you've completed the quest line and have sunk a few dozen or hundred hours into the game you don't really need the help-text style reminders of what a mission is, so it'd be cool to see more flavorful options opening up later on.
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