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  1. Hi, guys. Thanks for the tips and information. Sorry for the delayed response. You might find this incredibly absurd, but: apparently, my problem was the wi-fi extender (not the USB modem, but the extender). Somehow, I don't really know how, but it seems sometimes wi-fi extenders can cause this bizarre driver-related (I think that's it) bug that makes Windows crash once downloads (or any band consumption, I suppose) hits higher demands. So, as it turns out, the crashes were always happening once my download rates hit over 2Mb/s. Once removed the wi-fi extension (which was actually worthless si
  2. Hello. I've been away from the game a while and I attempted to update it thrice today. However, all those attempts ended in my Windows crashing. The first two I times I tried directly through the game's shortcut; then, I uninstalled and tried downloading through Steam. All the same, while downloading, Windows crashed into the blue screen. It has never happened before and the only recent change in my setup was that I switched from an internet cable connection to a USB wireless modem. For now, I'll be vigilant to see if it happens in any other circumstances, but does anyone have any idea on
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