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  1. En 8/11/2018 a las 21:24, [DE]Connor dijo:

    2. We will be revisiting Riven dispositions periodically, using the same rules laid out above, to further uphold our stated intentions. 

    What rules? "Popularity" is relative and opaque. And some weapons, like Kohm, break the rules. Also "periodically" is also extremely vague. It could be once a month, or once every 1000 years. And what are your "intentions"?

    That whole phrase said nothing.

    Guys, and girls, at DE: you seriously need someone to stop for a moment, read some feedback, apologize and start to communicate better. It already is hard enough to see your effort destroyed without any compensation at all, without a single kind word on your side, but it only gets harder when you don't know what the goal is, why this was needed or how the new "system" (if there is any) will make rivens better in any way.

    Sudden massive nerf in the middle of Fortuna update, without a single reply from DE on this thread and vague phrases about what will come next will destroy player loyalty. Be careful, cause this is a game for long term players, loyalty is key here DE. You better hurry up.

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  2. hace 41 minutos, K-Sha dijo:

    Rivens are a common drop from sorties, I barely run sorties anymore and every other reward I get is a riven the few times I decide to do it. You have a point with the rarity of specific rolls on specific weapons but you're ignoring the massive inflation the riven market has experienced ever since it popped up. Last year I saw 2000~ish plat rivens, that's around $200 worth of platinum. Now when going on riven.market, I can see most rivens with good rolls at least 2000 and 10000 at most. That's 1000$ right there for that 10k plat riven. Rivens are not antiques or collectors items. My point is that a single mod, for a single weapon, given a real world value of several hundred or even thousand dollars, is utterly ridiculous by the standards set by gaming communities as a whole. It is a tiny microscopic sized bit of content for such a massive amount of money, it's a waste plain and simple.


    Also, why rivens cannot be compared to antiques, and they are not collectors items, rivens are valued for their strength, they are useful and applicable in many practical ways. The only rivens that you could compare to collectors items or antiques are sentinel weapon rivens for the time being because currently, they are unobtainable. A riven is a weapon, not a decoration.

    You can get an infinite number of Vectis +damage +crit chance +crit damage rivens for example, rivens are not finite in any way shape or form, again, except for sentinel weapon rivens for the time being. The only justifying factor for their price is rarity, and thinking about that I would give 1000 plat as a logical price for S#&$ like said vectis roll at the most. 

    My main point though was to say that there have been no significant changes to any rivens for any weapon, as such value will not decrease by much and usefulness sure as hell won't either (not that it matters because rivens for all the meta weapons are completely overkill).

    If the amount of plat in the system is increasing at a higher rate than player base, inflation is normal. Anyways there is no data to support this. There is also no data to support your affirmation that riven prices have increased. But assuming it is true, the reason for that increase is probably a high demand/low supply:

    How many players want a good Arca riven? How many good Arca rivens are for sale? Supply/Demand.

    Arca rivens are finite. The fact that you could get one from the daily sortie doesn't make them infinite. It is a finite number that increases (slowly) with time. You cannot "create one arca riven". All you can do is do the daily sortie day after day after day till you get one arca riven, at some point, maybe one day maybe years.

    Also how many players do farm kuva? Cause we need players to farm kuva in order to turn trash rivens into good ones. If farming kuva is a pain in the ass, then maybe players have stopped farming kuva and started farming other things to get plat so they can pay for a good riven, instead of creating one themselves.

    That could also explain why riven prices increase. I am one of these players. I prefer to sell prime components, sets and stuff like that. Every day. After weeks or months of doing this I spend 1k plat or more on a riven I like. No RNG, no kuva farming. Every player doing this, like me, is taking arca rivens out of the market without increasing the "pool" of arca rivens in the system. And for every player doing this, we need a player doing the "dirty" job of adding arca rivens to the pool. If these numbers do not match, prices drop or prices sky rocket.

    I don't think the riven market is crazy. I don't think we have to control the riven market. I do not believe that a group of evil greedy buyers is manipulating prices. It is much simpler than that: supply/demand.

    Want prices to drop? Increase kuva drop. Increase veiled riven drop. Change the cycling system to be less RNG (aka consume less kuva). And then prices will drop.

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  3. hace 3 horas, K-Sha dijo:

    Yes because I know these are player determined prices but we still generally operate on a content to value scale when thinking of prices for content in games. Rivens are a tiny tiny amount of content and RNG bandaids that make bad weapons good and good weapons broken. They are not worth any more than say, 400 platinum at best. The riven prices we're seeing are upwards of, in USD, hundreds and thousands of dollars if you do conversions and of course anywhere else simply obscene amounts of money. That is FAR from okay. The prices have been inflating ever since rivens were first added and it just goes up and up and up.

    Greedy ass Riven traders wouldn't be willing to lower prices either so a hard limit is easily the best option, but by now it's evident DE wants to make money off of rivens more than anything.

    They are worth thousands of plat because the chances of getting good rivens are absurdly small. First of all riven drop already has a low chance. You pretty much only get one veiled riven per week. And that riven might be for pistols or melee, so you probably only get one or two shotgun/rifle rivens per month. Those are the potentially expensive ones.

    But once you get that rifle/shotgun veiled riven and you unveil it, the chances of it being for a good weapon are again really small. How many primary weapons are there?
    That's why an unrolled Arca Plasmor riven is already 500 plat. Because it is a miracle if you get one.

    And we have not started talking about rolls: if getting an Arca riven was a miracle, getting the stats everyone wants on it is the proof God exists. There are more than 40k total riven combinations. Every roll, you have a chance of 1/40k of getting the roll you want. Have a look at this page for more in detail numbers: https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/User_blog:Sunofthebeach25/Riventistics

    So, finally you got the veiled riven you wanted to. You unveiled and you got the weapon of choice. Then, after who knows how many rolls and hundreds of thousands of kuva you get the perfect stats. And you sell it for 400 plat cause hey, we have to keep prices under control!

    Capping prices is nonsense. Rivens are not worth tons of plat because greedy evil players want it that way. They are worth tons of plat because they are absurdly hard to get. And that's because DE decided to add as much RNG as possible. It's not player's fault, it is "by design". Prices are reasonable.

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  4. So, a few notes to see if anyone agrees on this or not:

    1. Is this what we should expect in the future? Massive riven nerfs without notice, mixed with huge updates? What is the roadmap? Is this going to happen now monthly or yearly? Are Kohm rivens never going to be nerfed cause they are special? What's the plan? It already is hard to accept this nerf but it is harder when you don't even understand what the #*!% is going on or what is the goal if there is any...

    2. This is not the way to communicate this. Just a list of numbers that make no sense. What's the correlation of these numbers with riven dispositions? What is the data supporting these changes? Why now? Why changing it at the same time you launch Fortuna? Is it because you want it to be less noisy this way? This is not how you should be communicating big changes in the future. And DE Steve announcing it live on stream a few hours before did not help either...

    3. A lot of people invested time and/or plat on items that now are worth much less, to say it in some way. You know that, everyone knows that. Should we not change those items because of that? I don't know, maybe, maybe not. But I am sure about something: an in-game message saying "hey, we just nerfed your rivens, check them out and have fun!" is not a kind and emphatic way of treating your players, especially your long term ones. You should have taken the time to find a way to compensate for such a big hit. Maybe gift some Kuva, veiled rivens or even plat to those affected by the change. Maybe open a way to trade those rivens for resources so you can at least get something for rivens that are no longer viable if you want. Maybe just a "Sorry" would have helped. I don't know, but definitely some kind of compensation would have been appreciated so we know you care, at least a bit. The in-game message and this thread doesn't show any respect at all for the effort so many players have put in their rivens.

    Now it is too late and the damage is done. Shame on you DE.

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  5. hace 14 horas, [DE]Connor dijo:

    EDIT: Wanted to clear up one comment I'm seeing lots of. Many of you have mentioned the Kohm as well as Detron - These weapons were marked for a reduction, but we opted not to change them, because some players depend on these Rivens to achieve 100% status chance. Because of this, small disposition changes had the chance to make a much larger impact on these weapons, so we have left them as is. 


    If the disposition is based on popularity then rebalance EVERY SINGLE WEAPON IN THE GAME ACCORDINGLY.

    Can't believe what I am reading, honestly.

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  6. hace 3 minutos, Kotsender_Quasimir dijo:

    Like i said i'd rather imagine them as the people who own lots and lots of plat (and not because they regularly purchase it directly (this role is mostly filled by newish-intermediate players) but rather from ingame sales... like Rivens. 😉 ).

    Anyway: We shall see. And in the meantime it's important to remember:

    DE didn't fool anyone. Again: The intention and volatileness of the system was communicated clearly and openly from the get go.

    How many changes have we seen since the riven disposition was introduced? No more questions.

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