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  1. Saryn Have you ever heard of Canadian toxicity? It reminds me a little bit of obesity. Don't get me wrong I'm not that big just a lil chunky here and there. I'm no Khora but I'll take my leash to anywhere. Im a death bringing blossom with a killer bossom, and a tiny pedicel. To be fair I don't mind if you stare. To be true I'm not about the thrill of the kill all the time, but some say that my body is a crime against nature anyway. Well honey, all I do is Slay. I'd gladly surround someone with my leafs, Someone with whom I could eternally live. If you got some health problems I'll take good care of you too, As I got some aspects of Trinity, not everything I do has to be enemy mutility, What I'm looking for is just stability because as you can see I had someone but all I got from them was this lousy Tee. They couldn't keep up with such a brat like me, But trying doesn't hurt so come on and together let's be free.
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