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  1. --Leyenda-TorrasqueChan

    Fortuna: Hotfix 24.2.14

    Ty, but also very bad timming... Right before eidolon...
  2. --Leyenda-TorrasqueChan

    Dargyns and Condrocs spawning in caves

    Happend two times in tree games while minning. Seems both condrocs and dargyn pilots AI are bugged when they are underground. A minor issue but a bug is still a bug.
  3. --Leyenda-TorrasqueChan

    Arcane Magus Anomaly Pulling Eidolon.

    Yeah. I don't think this is intended. It's really annoying to have one dude moving around the boss to where he pleases and have the rest of the team chasing behind.
  4. --Leyenda-TorrasqueChan

    Chat loads infinitely

    One more.