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  1. omfg Mampfi u made me feel so stupid -_- puting on dx 10 instead of 11 and has been runing incredibly so far... im gona keep testing tomorow i gtg for today but its been rly good so far, i kinda stress tested by having twich and youtube on while playing and it didnt crash once.. :3 ty for the responses and il defrag my hardrive just to be sure.. :)
  2. well, i apologise in advance for an awfully punctuated mess of a text that i will leave here, but i kinda badly need help :S So imm gona start with 1. the problem 2. When i first encountered it and 3. what i have done so far 1) So my Problem is that warframe keep VERY frequently crashing, exacly what happens is that after like 10-30 mins of play my screen goes black for 1 second then i get a pop up that tells me something along the lines ``Nvidia Kernel mode has stoped responding, and has succesfully recovered`` then my game just closes on its self, gives me the bug submision window
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