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  1. I like a lot of this idea honestly, except for the part about unmodded equipment. I didn't enjoy that at all when they did it for Grendel and I absolutely don't wanna see it done more. I do understand how difficult it is to make things hard on someone with maxed out mods and formaed equipment, but unmodded missions always feel less 'difficult' than they are cheesy. The closest I think one has been to fun was when you get Umbra, but even then he wasn't totally unmodded. Otherwise I think this would be very cool and a lot more interesting than just running relics. I liked the relic system a lot
  2. Update: I also did not like the boss fight. The notion of a fight where your mods can't make you invincible is cool, yes, however: the freaking S L O W arc of the crystal throws really ruins it for me
  3. This activity is the worst and I hate it. Movement way too slow, no way to tell what's an item and what's just an artifact in the background, didn't enjoy doing these at all. I'm just glad to be done. It's even more infuriating because I liked the story a lot, but it was gated behind this really horrible walking simulator
  4. I just want to provide some feedback on the Glassmaker story content gameplay itself: - story was neat! - cosmetics great - like the lore about where cephalons come from, that's dark - HATE the investigation mechanic. Not the idea of it, mind, but the slow movement speed, the not being able to see what the items are or where they dropped... I know the idea is to look for things but they are SO hard for me to see. I don't know if I'm the only one, but I waste forever on the crime scenes, I like the idea of it but the execution is just not enjoyable to me. The actual act of p
  5. I don't mean to shame anyone, but the endless, multilayered RNG of rivens is deeply anti-player. It's also the sort of thing that creates a toxic environment if we ever get anything back like raids, because it creates a scenario where the 'optimal' raid group is people with ideal, correct-rolled rivens that you may never be able to get absent the spend of thousands of platinum. I don't blame anyone who has them now for using them, they're in the game, but I think they're bad for the game. It's the absolute worst mechanic Warframe has - something isn't a time investment, or an endgame mechanic,
  6. Rivens are toxic to this game and every time I read one of these threads after a change I see more of why. I'd rather just see them all gone.
  7. thanks, been looking forward to this, didn't feel good to get this far behind, especially with the necramech mod changes
  8. The real problem as I see it is that while Xept is correct that frames are designed with different jobs, the current meta is basically All You Need is Kill. So it devalues all the non-DPS frames. I don't think this is a huge issue and I don't see why people rage about the DPS frames, they're just doing the current One Job of a warframe well. Nerfing Mesa just boosts Saryn, nerfing them both just boosts Ember or whoever else, that's not going to make anyone happy. No amount of DPS nerfhammer is going to bring Loki and Frost back, they need work themselves. I do wanna push back though on on
  9. no no - by "cry for nerfs" I mean "ask DE to nerf things" That being said I have noted before that sometimes the messed up silver lining of console means we never get the good versions of things in the first place. In the case of M4D the nerfs got announced just before I was about to infuse the ability on my Ash, so I didn't. Little did I know in this case the inverse of the usual would be true and we'd be keeping the original version for weeks because console updates have basically stopped.
  10. I'll be interested to try it and thanks for taking another pass on this one. It sounds like it will work better again so I want to give it a try. I still don't really think there was a problem with the original way except the mods double-stacking, but then again I've never understood why people cry for nerfs in this game. It seems like some people just super resent any frame that's not their favorite getting something nice.
  11. Eh, I'm just gonna keep avoiding railjack resources and only use argon crystals for bile for a bit. I am pretty disheartened still by how far behind consoles have gotten, because that means I'll be waiting way longer. I would love nothing more than to be able to transfer my account to PC, starting on PS4 was a massive mistake but I didn't have a decent PC at the time.
  12. I wish there was some kind of indication of when the cert build was, the grind to a halt of updates has been pretty rough. Was it not sustainable to keep our updates up with PC? It was really nice being just a few days behind. I'm still at a point where I'm not sure it's worth doing much (vaults especially) because I know the drop tables are changing. Things the cert build as of now will not help with though: -Marked for Death was way overnerfed -Bile costs are still too high and not enough materials are available to donate for it -All costs for railjack resources in Helmin
  13. most recent PC patch supposedly fixes this, so, we're just waiting
  14. I'll also point out here again that knowing several necramech mods will be moved to Loid's inventory in the next update is a real disincentive for me to run vaults. I know the loot pool is going to shrink later so I'll just be wasting my time. That part of the update I was really hoping would get hotfixed in but here I am, having quit vaults for two weeks.
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