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  1. Liked the quest for the most part, some feedback: - really did not know what to do in the "evade the Tempestarii" sections. It wasn't doing enough damage to me so the issue was moot, but... what was I really supposed to be doing here? it's attacks were seeking so that didn't seem like much option. - When doing the section where you play as Sevagoth's Shadow (in the Cold Below), melee animations weren't working. Even beyond that, the section seemed... really awkward? Like the powers didn't seem to be actually killing anything, and since the animations were bugged enemies just kinda...
  2. TYPE: UI/functionality - PS4 DESCRIPTION: I put training points into a crewmember, then came back later wanting to retrain (as per Command intrinsic rank 7, I am at rank 9 in that tree) but I am unable to do so. I presume the triangle button is meant for this but it does not work, instead moves cursor to the left side of the Engineering stat and does nothing. VISUAL: N/A, sorry I'm having a rough time getting screenshots off my PS4 at this time EXPECTED RESULT: Should be able to respec the three points I get to add to a crewmember OBSERVED RESULT: Cannot do so REP
  3. So I have the intrinsic level that says I should be able to reset the points I put into a crewmember, but hitting triangle doesn't do the trick.
  4. Looking forward to the quest and finally being able to solo railjack more!
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