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  1. Yeah nice ... Nerf every fun weap in the game .. why dont you guys Why even bother logging in right? Eh
  2. thanks for that .... was a long time due
  3. wow ... you guys disabled the carrying of data mass through arch wing ... or its just a bug? whatever it is change it back
  4. still after adding kitguns to the profile page ... it doesnt register it .. it doesnt even shows the weap image .. just a blank. Also why not add moas to the profile page shouldnt this be a cumulative addition including kitguns k drives and moas. Dunno if any1 else has pointed out the magazine bug for Atomos ... after reload the magazine hovers in the air. Equipping fulmination on staticor is not good enough .... although the flight speed it decent but ... even with fulmination ... i loose a mod slot and i'd rather equip my riven than that. also why are you still buffing the profit taker ...shouldnt this be fun ... but rather its becoming irritating as time goes by.
  5. log in fails and broken chat ... its time for a hotfix i think
  6. really ... who had anything against the 'buffed' staticor ... it sure as hell was not game breaking .... totally unnecessary
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