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  1. Hi all! The Ogris changes don't seem to having been deployed for me, and the daily nightwave hasn't reset, I think it might be a bug, anyone else noticing that? Thank you! Edit: Oh nevermind I just saw the Ogris thing, I wasn't updated. Never even got the chance to try it!
  2. Hi all! I'd like to report twice in a row I didn't receive the Hildryn parts blueprints after successful Exploiter runs while my teammates reported having received them. I already opened a ticket but I'd like to discuss it here as well in case more people are experiencing the same problem. I assume it's a bug but I don't discard some kind of mistake on my behalf. I got all the rest of the loot and toroids, only the blueprints are missing. I have an active resource booster (in case it's relevant). Thank you all!
  3. Before Warframe the longest I had played any game for was around 200h on really big RPGs and then got bored and went on to something else. Warframe has so far engaged me for more than 1k hours and this is not a normal thing at all, very few games are capable of that. Many people are saying they've played 2 to 5k hours and they feel burned out. But of course you are! How could you not be? Seriously go do something else before you hurt yourself, this is a game, it's supposed to be fun, if you're not having fun don't do it. If you're not a professional gamer, if this isn't your job, you shouldn't be pushing yourself beyond the point of enjoyment, don't worry life will surely take care of doing that more than enough.
  4. That would be absolutely hilarious. I've been trying it with prisma grakata and it was ridiculous already.
  5. Hi all! I've tryed to do the Exploiter Orb fight and found out 2 things so far that prevented me from it. 1. Molecular prime seems to not work on the Coolant Raknoids and I've seen reports of other CC abilities failing to affect them as well, is that intended? I fail to see an explanation for that from both a lore and a gameplay standpoints so I'll assume it's a bug. 2. During my first attempt the Exploiter Orb became stuck in the mountains and stopped spawning fissures completely which prevented me from finishing the fight. I hope this is the right place to post this report and thank you all for your hard work!
  6. I do agree sentinels need a bit of a survivability buff but I don't think it needs to be overdone that much. I would settle for allowing link mods to be used on them. With that and the options already available like prime regen and the frames abilities (many of them protect your sentinel as well) I think it'd be just a enough. Also it'd be quick, easy, familiar and wouldn't upset the balance all that much.
  7. That makes sense. I like using unairu, specially when I solo with Oberon because it gives a good balance between bonus damage and protection for the lures but the wisps are buggy, unreliable and hard to see. Your proposal sounds solid yet any improvement at all would be welcome really.
  8. I have one: make arcane non-tradable or abundant enough in other places so that they're prices drop into the realms of normality. You just heard an unpopular opinion brought to you by Zenurik energy drink. Now seriously, the toxicity I've encountered in Tridolon hunts come mostly from people farming them for the ludicrous amounts of platinum things like arcane energize go for. The eidolons are strictly time gated so people can't farm them at will, the drop rates for the good arcanes are absurdly low and that creates scarcity and urgency which piss people off. The only way to do them in a reasonable way is to go strictly meta and be a seasoned expert. In this case toxicity stems in part from the design of the activity and DE should do something about it. Possibilities: allow players to select the Eidolon hunts from Onko which would make a night instance for the squad, increase the drop rates of good arcanes, make arcanes available from other sources.
  9. I don't think this is a bug, there's even an achievent for sliding downhill for I don't remember how many meters (a hefty amount) and it's actually quite fun to do. Try it with Nezha and slide mods xD
  10. When I was starting to play one of the first things I discovered was that the credit alerts were almost never worth doing because I basically was always better off doing a short run in any of the dark sector nodes.
  11. I had to farm 4 of them for the challenge. Arbitrations have a 54% on rotation A (3x18%) and a 40% on B (2x20%) so it's probably your best bet after the Maroo weekly.
  12. I've been trying this for a bit and so far I'm loving it. I like the aesthetics, the lore, the rewards, the references and I feel really engaged. I'm a bit worried about the non selectable, cumulative and time gated nature of the rewards, the fact that we don't know when it will end and that the rate at which we acquire standing seems quite slow. One single line of progress seems a bit backwards. I can picture many players, specially the ones who can't play every day for hours feeling dishearted and losing engagement completely when they reach a point where they're re mathematically out of the highest rewards. I would like to know how long will the nightwave last and also suggest an improvement: Instead of one single line of 30, distribute the rewards in cycles (chapters?) maybe 3x10, and let us choose one reward out of 3 on every rank (like you already do with the syndicates, which makes it familiar and intuitive). Every time you reach 10, it would start the cycle over again indefinitely for the duration of the event. Some or all of the rewards could be labeled unique and be selectable only once, and be replaced with wolf creds for the next cycle. I believe that would keep players engaged for longer (because they would never be mathematically disqualified for the thing they want), give them agency and choice while taking away the resentment backlash something like ending at 27/30 because of a RL complication would cause. Thank you for your attention and hard work!
  13. Unlocking the full potential of a weapon usually takes a good amount of forma, around 4 on average (and a potato of course). That means leveling the weapon 5 times which is a hefty grind. I don't think you're supposed to do that for every weapon, only for the ones you try out and like and want to take into high level with you. Problem is until you've tried the weapon on high level enemies with a full build you haven't really tried it and it becomes a downward spiral. I think a good way to solve this would be allowing to try forma in the simulacrum, or even simpler, removing the mod capacity in it. That would allow players to try any build for any weapon against any enemy and decide if it's worth investing in it beyond Mastery Ranking. Many weapons change a lot with a full or experimental build, there are a lot of hidden gems awaiting that only the professional players really have the time to discover.
  14. The hit detection on the Catchmoon is a little wonky, the projectile has been tendency to get stuck on terrain and noticed detect hits at short range so maybe that was the problem. Puchthroug helps it a lot. Anyhow, that gun is amazing, I wouldn't doubt it for a second, specially having a riven for it. The kitgun riven I got was for gaze
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