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  1. Hi all! The Ogris changes don't seem to having been deployed for me, and the daily nightwave hasn't reset, I think it might be a bug, anyone else noticing that? Thank you! Edit: Oh nevermind I just saw the Ogris thing, I wasn't updated. Never even got the chance to try it!
  2. Hi all! I've tryed to do the Exploiter Orb fight and found out 2 things so far that prevented me from it. 1. Molecular prime seems to not work on the Coolant Raknoids and I've seen reports of other CC abilities failing to affect them as well, is that intended? I fail to see an explanation for that from both a lore and a gameplay standpoints so I'll assume it's a bug. 2. During my first attempt the Exploiter Orb became stuck in the mountains and stopped spawning fissures completely which prevented me from finishing the fight. I hope this is the right place to post this report and thank you all for your hard work!
  3. I've been trying this for a bit and so far I'm loving it. I like the aesthetics, the lore, the rewards, the references and I feel really engaged. I'm a bit worried about the non selectable, cumulative and time gated nature of the rewards, the fact that we don't know when it will end and that the rate at which we acquire standing seems quite slow. One single line of progress seems a bit backwards. I can picture many players, specially the ones who can't play every day for hours feeling dishearted and losing engagement completely when they reach a point where they're re mathematically out of the highest rewards. I would like to know how long will the nightwave last and also suggest an improvement: Instead of one single line of 30, distribute the rewards in cycles (chapters?) maybe 3x10, and let us choose one reward out of 3 on every rank (like you already do with the syndicates, which makes it familiar and intuitive). Every time you reach 10, it would start the cycle over again indefinitely for the duration of the event. Some or all of the rewards could be labeled unique and be selectable only once, and be replaced with wolf creds for the next cycle. I believe that would keep players engaged for longer (because they would never be mathematically disqualified for the thing they want), give them agency and choice while taking away the resentment backlash something like ending at 27/30 because of a RL complication would cause. Thank you for your attention and hard work!
  4. Hi! I'm hyped to see this Devstream! I would love if those 3 topics could be included: -Melee 3.0: What weapon category will be first and what is the combo system going to become. -Kingpin system: what's happened to it? Has it been scratched or mutated into something else? -Pets: I believe it's time to be able to automatically freeze and unfreeze pets so they remain in the loadout they're selected in even if a different one is currently in use. Can we expect to ever see this QOL? Thank you!
  5. Banshee, Equinox, Octavia, Frost and Saryn in unison: Hold my beer.
  6. Thanks for the fixes! I don't know if that's related to this Hotfix specifically or one of the previous but Toroid spawn in caves seems to have been lowered to... zero? I've visited all the caves in several ocasions and that's the exact number I got. Can we get some info on the intended spawn rate and have the team check if it's bugged?
  7. Thank you for all your hard work, guys, I'm really excited to get home and dive into this update. 😍
  8. That Supra nerf hits me hard, it's my favorite primary but it's understandable, ever since it was buff it's a powerhouse and it made no sense. To the people claiming for a Khom nerf I'd say that a Khom without a status riven is basically not worth using over many other weapons so it probably should stay as is.
  9. ༼ つ ◕_◕ ༽つ  it's over 9000!!!
  10. I'm really happy about what I saw in this Devstream, some long requested QoL changes addressed, and lots of good stuff. I'd also like to share a few thoughts about Garuda Passive: in order to actually be interesting it should scale with power strength and have a timer so whenever she heals it stays up for a few seconds. First ability: looks great! I'd tweak it a bit so the shield points always in the direction towards you're looking, as it is now it behaves like the odonata shield which is not very reliable and knowing most of the time she'll have very little health, a stray sneeze would down her. Also the animation probably needs to have an invulnerable time like excal, rhino and atlas. Second ability: looks great, I'd like to know how power strength, range and duration will affect it. Third ability: I love the concept of hurting yourself to gain damage and power, it's very savage. Fourth ability: when she was announced I dove a little bit into her mythology so I know her 4 comes from an episode in the story. However it seems a bit separated from the rest of her kit. Being movement restricted when you have no health, even with a shield, doesn't sound very appealing. I think the blade blender tornado of doom should be a deployable. Get in the face of a group of enemies, press 4 to deploy the thing, peace out as fast as you can while you see your enemies being cut to pieces. To spice it up a bit it could snatch or suck enemies within a range to compensate the loss of movement. It's still high risk high reward like all of her kit. General feedback: I feel like her 1, 2, and 4 should have a high chance of procing slash for obvious reasons. Also, to be honest I'm kind of disappointed in the fact she doesn't fly at all. The Garuda of mythology is first and foremost an anthropomorphic bird so maybe some mobility would be nice... Thanks for reading!
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