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  1. well sound crazy but I already play aroud 3 hours streak but I didn't see excav fissure pop up After distruption update its rarely pop up Have a idea,what is going on? and anyone have some information when excav fissure pop up since I little lazy playing survival,defence and interception take so much time to finish Thanks for advance
  2. can you make good mods/arcanes or anything useful I didn't find this mods/arcanes useful at all I am happy you guys make Vitus essence easier to farm but endo farm is more harder 😞
  3. ok done testing, gonna upload it to youtube Conditions : Wukong max level, weapons lvl 15 Result : No exp bonus, EXP stuck (I mean didn't moving even twins already kill many mobs or just my eyes cant see it) Yea sound Wukong Celestial twin kills exp goes to wukong 😞 I test it in Hydron
  4. Triggering Inactivity Penalty will cause the twin to cease all activity and remain unmoving until player activity resumes. for someone asking AFK 1 minutes your twins will freeze (Idk if true or not)
  5. this one is my question, so he is count as ability kills or teammate kills (or whatever u say) or weapon kills
  6. Its time to stay AFK, I am done farming gauss and new gauss weapons in 1 day Now I go something to do, invest more forma to Acceltra around 6-8 times Going back to play maybe after that, play other games and waiting new content Sorry for necromancy thread
  7. Yea I noticed this Celestial Twin Wukong Yea sometimes I do solo survival or defence for leveling up weapons Just curious, Celestial twin EXP will go to weapons or wukong? Note : Celestial Twin EXP I mean EXP from killing mobs by Celestial twin not wukong
  8. well nice idea, but orbiter space limit say no I already did that many times in this game but I feel useless since every people I teach to play doesn't play anymore and long last around 1month then they are offline O MY GOD like I say before I want get away from hard grinding like farming aura forma For codex,i am just not scan New Corpus Gas city units since I take a long break from that time Like I say above,i already own all R3 Arcanes even Operator R3 Arcanes too Have all equipments ? what do you mean,i didn't get it buy all cosmetics uh, I just buy cosmetics if cosmetics looks good and cosmetics for frames/weapons I used everytime I play But ty for all suggestion maybe challenge myself is only way to get rid this boring
  9. u mean codex scanning or codex fragment or codex music?
  10. - done - done, my orbiter full of floof - done but I don't have any idea for next decorations - lol XD , you want kill me, I just can do 2x3 and its almost take 50 minutes - I have a lot of relics and I already convert entire prime mountain junks into mountain ducats - yes already did but not every cetus night, I still have real life bruh - Yes already did but next time I will make another build, thanks - give them for free ,its opposites with my capitalism sense - for every favorite weapons yes already did, but for frames I don't want to since this game have update like rework wukong,rework saryn,its ruined my previous builds my chroma already full forma with umbral forma and rubico too 8 formas already, aura forma already did to wukong,khora,chroma I just do that on important frame only - Keep grinding XD I already mention from the post I already have endless resources, so I just wait next items, farm blueprint then build it - Not yet but good idea - yea done done even my floor is full of floof and Roomba - I don't want waiting around 1 hour maybe endless to match up with a guy - highest record but my friend wont do that and recruit chat,noone do that, about solo nah I want stay away from hard grind like that actually this is my first goal in this game but since this impossible to do solo nvm then - How do you know my combinations color >:/
  11. I already got all arcanes level 3 , 500+ stocks eidolon shards, and 100% focus tree every single focus schools btw what are you quote? its empty
  12. oh lul , I am already lazy to play tridolon even with fun party I already done it, I always take a break when Nightwave task is empty or all completed
  13. and I forget something, my warframe can't opened since yesterday Stucking in Checking Update
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