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  1. Alright 2 things would save a lot in this upcoming uptade hear me out. Leave dirac in the game change the ui etc just keep dirac as a railjack resource. I would like to keep using dirac than endo and credits how about that. Liches it was the redeeming factor to use them as a crewmembers but no i dont need some dum "bodyguard" on my ship what a waste you already but time and effort making them i but mine to get them why cant i enjoy it then.
  2. Have to agree pretty much every point you made few things you forget Gian point,Tether & Liches as crewmembers.
  3. Why fix stuff when irs not broken. I really liked the current railjack get dirac to upgrade everything it isnt even that hard to farm. Why replace it with the same thing that every other dam thing uses. Farming credits/endo is so bad there isnt really any half desent way to farm them and needind over million gredit in the last rank is ridiculous playing index not fun. Not even gonna mention endo farming. Why everything need to dum down. You only needed to ad new things to railjack not overhaul all the working stuff.
  4. Q&A stream not that good. Talking about things we are already known or need improvent why? Railjack harnes thingy why? I liked the railjack modding for being difrent unique cool looking but still accessible. But no you want to made into the same than every otherd moddaple thing in the game. I dont need the same thing over and over another forma dump come on. Can you ad Clem and other npc as a crewmembers and even having some event ones ive been farming some liches to use in railjack this is feature im most hyped. Adding more things ad to your railjack both i
  5. Stage 1 – 25% Stage 2 – 16% Stage 3 – 16% Stage 4 – 14% Stage 5 – 0% Wow look at these drop changes thats pretty much the most tedious free color palette ever 25bonds come on....
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