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  1. I have a feeling what we see of the Leverian right now is the first step in a long WIP that hopefully keeps their attention. I'd expect to see an overhaul in the near future, maybe even a starchart node for it near the dojos for more exposure. We'll just have to see what DE does with it in time.
  2. Fairly easy, there's a multitude of options. A decently built sniper can shoot basic dropships down in free roam. Mesa Peacemakers clear troops off dropships easily as well.
  3. Just be patient. The drop will come. I cleared Ambulas what feels like about 70+ times to complete Trinity. Just don't dog yourself about getting the systems and burn out. Do a couple runs and if it doesn't drop do something else until another time.
  4. Hey, chill out my guy. Most every complaint I see comes from folks that genuinely care and are (or were) passionate about Warframe. Players just want the game to live up to its potential and see it moving in a positive direction that appeals to them. I love Warframe but it certainly isn't perfect or immune to critique in more than a couple spots.
  5. Exactly this. I'll be around prestige 25 with this week's challenges and I'd like that to be saved somewhere in my profile for me to look back on.
  6. Neat! I dig the sigil. Will have to crack into that one as soon as I get the chance
  7. I'll give it a swing and drop a link in here when I get off work, my guy. My times are pretty slow but I can do it.
  8. Trinity, a good Lanka, a Shattering Impact Sarpa, and practice. You'd be very surprised. *shrugs*
  9. There's a lot of fun and feeling of reward for effort in racing down 6 giant bosses in one night...
  10. Vulkar is the most lackluster and weakest of the usable weapons. Snipetron is the Vulkar's step brother. I'm in the minority here but I run solo 6x3. So I do. Yes.
  11. Lanka: 0.95->0.85 Rubico: 0.95->0.8 Vectis: 0.92->0.85 Vulkar: 1.45->1.4 Because you want us to hunt Eidolons with rocks, right?
  12. Those sweet 300 oxium alerts vanishing might be a little bit of a sore spot for folks... Otherwise this looks quite positive. Definitely interested in checking it out.
  13. Yeah you're being honest alright. You dislike people who put in their time or resources to be better. Rivens are intended to be novel mods capable of combining the effects and strengths of many individual mods and pushing the limits of what a weapon can do. They were designed with inherent power in mind. Sorry you're not the best in a massive multiplayer PvE game. Neither am I. But you're the one wanting to bring those pushing the envelope down.
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