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  1. This is an excellent idea OP. +1
  2. Exactly this. I'll be around prestige 25 with this week's challenges and I'd like that to be saved somewhere in my profile for me to look back on.
  3. Certain large tiles in Void exterminate are the best places in my experience to clear this challenge. Loki is also a necessity with invisibility and prolonged wall latch time But yes the modes you attempted where enemies effectively come to you is because there is a perpetual alert/alarm state on those nodes
  4. Neat! I dig the sigil. Will have to crack into that one as soon as I get the chance
  5. Sorry lad, but Warframe ain't the place for battle royales
  6. His parts are researched in a clan dojo in the Tenno Research Lab
  7. Could be interesting if it put down lingering molten metal as an AOE. For a secondary fire the weapon could be turned around and the canister fired off in an arc like a large splash grenade that coats targets. Also if that is your artwork OP, I demand more. Paint me like one of your French skoom.
  8. Whatever the case is for it happening I'm glad I've gotten to experience it. Huge reds with my Lanka on the Hydrolyst in solo was exceptionally entertaining.
  9. Wisp needs the compact mobility and CC of her two because keeping up the in air invisibility is simply not going to function well on cramped ship tiles and she lacks in survival stats. Wisp seems to be shaping up around highly active movement and evasion with a little added flavor of going invisible in the air, whereas Loki can simply post up go invisible and go to work with a lot less management involved.
  10. Can't pull up a picture of my build at work right now, but I can't stress enough just how effective Adaptation is on Gara if you are looking for more tanking ability.
  11. You won't be banned that guy just has to accept that trading is competitive. Just for future reference though if you aren't already using it, https://warframe.market/ is a good place to get a price range and get directly in contact with sellers for the things you want.
  12. http://warframe-builder.com/ You can build out your Lanka and customize the riven mod with each set of bonuses to see what is overall better.
  13. Shattering Impact also works on them at the time of me posting this. Helps you have to put less shots in on the weak points once you remove the leg shields.
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