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  1. we need a rework for All build and disposition mod and new slot mod(s for Hight LVL
  2. you living on the moon ?? just all your rivens prices its *10 or 20 of real price ^^ GL for primed chamber
  3. i hope Dev Add New Slots Mod in all build in warframe for zenurik mod and special mod and up Riven capacity we need this game more fast in much mission's and not bored .. some warframe skills need to be reworked again too
  4. C bien tout sa mais on a un grand problème la capacité des Mod's Riven's pour moi je suis obligé a chaque fois de transmuté mes riven pour jouer la sortie + le nombre des armes augmente a chaque fois donc il faut ajusté tout sa .la difficulté pour avoir du kuva car les vendeurs des mod riven profite de ce coté pour augmenté les prix
  5. dont put yourself in every thing in this forum
  6. Buried Debts Scan mission is finished ? i scan all dash part and i got 74% and 78% and the door cant be hack so w have other part for this event or what ??
  7. to farm Kuva i buy booster for 1 month for 200 pl to roll riven u need so much kuva an time losed in this to make a good stat sometimes after 100 roll and now the Dev nerf my rivens why for any raison ? back memy plats my times losed in this game its not fan what u do every times w need to up all staf " warframe / compagnion kavat or kubrox sentinel /new stat weapon release etc .. or back all plats or money for players and Dev stay in this game alone
  8. yes its a shame community make all nice things in this game nerf every times // the Dev never think's to play in hight lvl w dont have a good basicly staff resist " sentinel die fast kavat kurow etc w just resist with good build weapons in this game
  9. all players want to play in hight LVL not -50 lvl with crappy weapon and stat and sentinel /kavat /kubrow /warframe physics dont resist in meduim lvl and now u nerf the rivens hhhhhhhhhh .............. i think the Dev of warframe never played PC action games // MAD MAX /Rage/ COD/FC5 etc .. try to get culture in games my shame community of Dev 😘
  10. the community lie for drop khora i watch twitch and i receive only credit +2 relics +3 Glyph +1 nitain and more than 25 credit its so bad this
  11. You don't understand all good players need more power to play hight lvl +80 to 150 or more and Dev decrease the stat we dont need to play only in lvl 40-50 in this game and look how much time spend to roll this mod's with kuva ok and Shame on you and people like you
  12. AKStiletto need to up her stat riven and the Dev just make down the good riven and not up the bad riven's crazy Dev u make this game so nerf and u make peoples angry
  13. Shame on you Dev .. i never see a game make all nice thing in so nerf like warframe i hate how u do this every time why all players dont play so much in hight lvl ?? because warframe nerf the best staff every big Update and its a meduim lvl game with this updates ... shame shame 😬😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯😯 AFTeR
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