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  1. Hi, This is only my personal opinion. I know I am kinda late in the game for Revenant's feedback it's just that there is so much to do in Warframe currently... A) Revenant's sound FX: Sound FX for Revenant is too loud. Louder if you play with headset. Personally I don't really like the "Whale" voice but if you could just tune down the whale voice or make it more subtle that will be appreciated 🙂 B) Revenant's ultimate animation is, for me, too much ... how can I say? Goofy maybe? Anyways, I just have the feeling playing a ballerina: I know it should be a "dance" but still. C) Revenant's casting speed is too slow: That's all! Thank you for your game DE! I am going back to hunt the Wolfy dude.
  2. Is there some quality of life changes coming soon? Syndicate missions could get the same changes as the invasion missions we had previously; reduce the defense from 10 to 5 rounds and from 2 to 1 rounds for the interception missions. Also, don't you think that with Fortuna and now the new content coming next year the game become a bit overwhelming for the players? Edit: I mean honestly I had to skip the sanctuary onslaught because you know 20mins long missions to get the C rewards is just... meh
  3. Checking my Tiberon Riven (... OMG)... +150 CC +115 CDMG +111 Punct Oh okay still good 😄 lol
  4. Do you plan to revamp the old tilsets in the future? I won't miss that devstream for sure 🙂
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