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  1. Would really enjoy more sound related streams!! So much of what makes the game great comes from its sound! ❤️
  2. lmao buddy and I were in a mission waiting for them when they started doing requests and I'm just like..... "how tho?" and then we finally clued in it was region chat and were just kinda like "uhhhh where's rebb? we need order!" haha XD
  3. Hey guys!!! I have a few / one big question for the sound team!! I first noticed with Baruuk that all of his ability's sound effects sound great, no matter what music you're listening to. It's almost as if you're playing percussion with whatever is playing. Then I started paying closer attention and noticed this was pretty much game-wide. Every sound that every weapon and Warframe makes accents your music in some way. Which got me wondering... Is this particularly difficult to achieve? What exactly is involved in making that happen? Is this just "Good Sound Design - 101" ? Thanks so much!! ❤️ BONUS QUESTION : Does Baruuk say anything when casting his abilities??
  4. I don't know what you're talking about...... lol jk. Yeah looks like that one decided to work this time? I'm confused, but corrected my previous comment. Going to give baruuks glyphs more tries. Update: Still can't use Baruuk Glyphs. Leaving it on Simaris for now...
  5. I can confirm 5 4 Glyphs that DO NOT work Baruuk Glyph (Light) Baruuk Glyph (Dark) Baruuk Meroe Glyph (Light) Baruuk Meroe Glyph (Dark) Tennocon 2019 Sanctuary Showcase Glyph Thank you for putting in the effort to get this fixed. I've been trying to get these glyphs to work on the forums forever. I've even sent in tickets and nobody could do anything! Just to be clear too, I'm able to change between Frost Glyph and Clem in Action freely.
  6. Edit: I misread post, Checking previously broken baruuk glyphs!!
  7. Welp... I guess that means nobody gets ANY armor now cus that Winged Steel is coming off right away.
  8. I really hope this covers other reasons why it was happening. I would have it happen sometimes instantly when the mission started. No Crewshiop even spawned yet. Fingers Crossed!!!
  9. We seem to be having lots of crashes in railjack. No consistent factors so far, other than it's always struck the host. 3 games in a row. Something up??
  10. What's the status on more detailed "leaderboards" ?? Baruuk needs to know where he is on the list of Baruuk! XD Today is his Launchiversary btw!!!
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