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  1. So far so good!!! First run, I got a larva! Hopefully everybody else is smooth sailing too! Thank you!! @[DE]Rebecca @[DE]Megan
  2. I might be experiencing this as well often with paracesis. Haven't really felt it out. I just assumed I've been accidentally holding E too long while spamming and they maybe put heavy attack back to Hold E. Which, if it IS intended... I'm still not entirely pleased lol. I imagine it could be to assist people who play with controller both on PC and console? because R3 for heavy attack would be BALLS. Even I switched mine to scroll wheel Down. Whatever the case, there should be a Toggle on/off for Hold E = Heavy Melee. Lol
  3. Thanks so much Rebb!!! Good luck team!!!
  4. LOL and thank goodness for that!
  5. I managed to get a response from Rebb on my reddit post! They're officially aware lol. (Link to comment below) https://www.reddit.com/r/Warframe/comments/dwjdn2/please_de_some_of_us_still_cannot_spawn_larvlings/f7l05a5/?context=10000 Here's hoping they can figure it out sooner than later!
  6. I know man that's how I feel too. Starting to understand why people get mad. Being nice doesn't get any attention. Thanks for the support!
  7. I have a Reddit post about this very thing I'm trying to get upvotes for lol. https://www.reddit.com/r/warframe/comments/dwjdn2
  8. *I need to go to bed so I'm copying the reddit post I made about this problem a little while ago* Wow... I thought I'd just be pasting text. That turned out WAY prettier than I thought it would, lmao.
  9. Sorry for the late reply! In the launcher at the top right there's a settings icon, go in there and optimize the game. It'll take a while but it fixed lich's spawning for me the first time it bugged out. Then another update happened that bugged my game right up and now I have to mooch of others.
  10. With any luck, optimizing the game may fix your problem. No guarantees tho.
  11. Please, we need a fix for Larvling spawns. Haven't had one since 26.0.4. No dialogue, no nothing. Learned last night that people know about this and are just getting other players to help them get a larvling. I'm never this guy, but I'm honestly kinda pissed and don't even want to play the game until it's fixed because I've wasted 3 days playing solo, not knowing why the hell I can't get a Larvling to spawn, only to find out it's a pretty prevalent bug that NOBODY at DE seems to be addressing. But OHHHH NOOOO Reddit is crying about the grind and murmur gains!!! Better fix it or Reddit will lose their collective minds and sick Jim Sterling on us again! Stop wasting your guys' VALUABLE time, placating all the people with nothing better to do than quite literally complaining about how much they hate the game and PLEASE, for the love of the Lotus, focus on the REAL problems. As a high MR player who simply chooses to turn off region chat, I can't be the only person who didn't or doesn't know about this and is playing the game hopelessly waiting for a Larvling to spawn.
  12. @[DE]Bear I haven't had any Larvlings spawn in 3 days. Please help!
  13. This is a thing??? I haven't had a Larvling spawn in 3 days 😞
  14. If you're having trouble with the update not working, restart Steam!!! New Steam seems to be interfering.
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