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  1. I'll give you the solution of the riven problem Whenever you want to rework rivens dispo or change it Leave the current existing rivens alone And if one want to sell them or re-roll them the system ask him if he is sure and when the sell or rent rolling occur the stats drop or increase depending on the riven disposition change Please make it happen it's a perfect solution Think about those who paid real money to get plat to buy specific riven
  2. Hey can you please release limbo deluxe skin as a hotfix tomorrow like please You promised that it will be in next update with melee 2.9 I'll forgive about the melee semi update if you give me limbo skin please And how many umbral forma do we get from the wolf of Saturn
  3. Hey I did make this on a link hope it works and you find it https://imgur.com/a/GNTISNs https://imgur.com/a/GNTISNs[/IMG]
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