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  1. Another take on Alad! Nothing related to in-game story, I just like to draw him like that 😄 Pocket-Size-Super-Villain / ItsKiweh https://twitter.com/Pocket_Villain
  2. Alad and Kairo (My oc) at a beach in Cetus 😄 https://twitter.com/Pocket_Villain
  3. Alad and his adoptive children, the roombas. It's been decided. ItsKiweh/Pocket-Size-Super-Villain
  4. Ergo Glast! ItsKiweh / Pocket-Size-Super-Villain
  5. Nef Anyo ItsKiweh / Pocket-Size-Super-Villain
  6. Remastered artwork of Alad! ItsKiweh/Pocket-Size-Super-Villain
  7. 'Cause we all need a nap from time to time. Old doodle but I hope ya'll enjoy 😄 ItsKiweh / Pocket-Size-Super-Villain
  8. I heard someone liked my face cracks on Alad :v ItsKiweh / Pocket-Size-Super-Villain
  9. Casual Alad V! 😎 https://twitter.com/Pocket_Villain http://pocket-size-super-villain.tumblr.com/
  10. Kiwii here! Closing this year with one last Alad doodle! Enjoy c; http://pocket-size-super-villain.tumblr.com/
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