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  1. it was a teaser for i think the war within, its old and been experienced many a time, also search the bloody forums
  2. m´kay, i see what your saying here but you do realize that there was an option to switch from pc to console way back when right? if memory serves me correctly I believe it was a little while after fortuna dropped
  3. everyone is allowed to have an opinion even if that opinion is wrong
  4. well they might use something diffrent than oil in the sci-fi universe that warframe takes place in
  5. when you say vulcan I immdieatly think of the Warhammer Primarch Vulcan, you know this one although the proposal of a rocket themed frame doesnt seem to bad honestly, the abilities do seem a bit OP but im sure that will be figured out in time this is a legitimatly good proposel and I hop DE take a look at it Just my 2 cents tho
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