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  1. I have determined that the controller has other, non button related problems and will be returning it, however the issue still baffles me and doesn't feel like it is the controller's fault, since it is only in Warframe menus that there was an issue.
  2. You can still use the (objectively sad) cursor to select things, it's just *really* slow in comparison to the bumpers. I will acknowledge the humourous fact that using them while reading chat this morning actually wrapped all the way around and reselected the same chat I was already in. Additionally, I am having no difficulties using abilities or bullet jumping, it's just an issue for chat and menus. As for the issue, tested in the MCC, BF4, Batman Arkham Knight, and Hitman: no subtitle. No controller glitches while navigating menus in these.
  3. I just bought a new controller, and only in Warframe menus and chat does my bumper press apparently count for 5 total presses. It only counts for one in the Xbox keyboard, I have no trouble using it for abilities or mobility, and as far as I can tell it's not an issue on other games, meaning that it isn't my controller that's directly the issue.
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