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  1. Any plans on letting us wield both a pistol and a one-handed melee weapon at the same time in the future ?

    We all know it from Dark Sector, having both pistol and glaive in hands at the same time - it would look totally awesome being able to use, let´s say one-handed swords like the skana, Dakra, etc, in one hand and a pistol in the other hand.


    ( Fresh from the generator oven :> )





    DO IT.

  2. Okay, quite a bit of goodies in this one, nothing bad at all (multishot's extra ammo consumption seems fair).


    "Brawlerframe in U17.5"




    On a less hateful note, I can't wait to press 1 to punch, 2 to kick, 3 to throw, and 4 to do a hadouken or something.


    "U18 Goodies, goodies, and even more goodies, including Tenno Rapier and the long-awaited Focus system"



    Here's something that both saddens me (MOREWAITING?AWW) and also fills my mouth with foam made of happiness and marshmallows (marshmellows?).


    Thankfully it's before the end of 2015. Probs on November or December if I had to guess tho.



    Also, when are they implementing the ability to wear Ol' Neffy's gigabyte beard?




    Oh well, it's....



  3. "Brawler Frame that is much simpler than recent more complex frames".


    You taking a stab at Limbo and his confusing rift mechanics, DE?


    "Reworks". Oh cool, where's the Ember one? In the backBURNER? At least I felt a JOLT of ELECTRIC happiness when I saw Volt was getting reworked.


    (HA. HA. My humour is almost as grim as penUMBRA. OkIwillstopthisnow)


    "4 frames in development" Welp, Limbo my boy, looks like you're not going to pick up items inside Cataclysm  (read: a bubble where EVERYTHING is SUPPOSEDLY in the rift) anytime soon, sorry my dear main. defixpls


    Calling it, one of them has gotta be Typhus. Infested Mios, anyone?


    Speaking of Infested Mios and other good stuff, where's our Tenno Rapier?

    Let me rephrase that, WHEN's our Tenno Rapier?


  4. A question not many have asked, I feel.



    Are there any plans for Limbo and his anti-pickup Cataclysm, or his rather lackluster Rift Surge?



    Actually, let me rephrase that.


    Are there plans to change Limbo in a way that people don't immediately hate & ignore me when I happen to wander into their squad as Limbo?


    A GOOD reason to play him over other frames on serious missions that does not involve being the team's dedicated medic?

  5. what nerf ?


    He probably means the indirect nerf to EB that occurred with nerfing Covert Lethality to only apply the instant kill on finishers instead of on an undetected hit.


    You could just use blind, attack, watch the bladewave hit the blinded enemy, and get a guaranteed kill. Did I mention the waves' punchthrough made it ridiculous, and also that it could 1 shot anything without invincible phases, regardless of health and armor?

  6. It works like that, it's not a bug. That's one of the reasons people hate Limbro :\

    Wait, are you telling me stuff inside a bubble that is in the rift is somehow omnipotent and can somehow transcend the bubble of rift?


    I've seen lore-breaking stuff. But this is so off-the-charts it's hilarious.

  7. Cool, now where's the fix for items inside cataclysm not being available for pickup that should have happened almost a year (2 months more and it will, maybe something planned for Limbo's release birthday?) ago? :D


    I'm starting to feel like you forgot that Limbo is subpar, DE.


    Hotfix 14.0.3
    (PSA: Header of Forums will be updated shortly, I know it still says 14.0.1). 
    Fixed Vor’s prize getting stuck on Mercury Nav segment stage.
    Fixed missing indicators, including quest indicators, when a lot of indicators are present at the planet level. 
    Fixed missing Lotus VO in the ship crash cinematic of Vor’s Prize. 
    Fixed VO issues with the primary weapon selection option in Vor’s Prize. 
    Fixed issues with crouch text hint appearing too laggy if player stays in area. 
    Kubrow PSA:
    501 of the first cloned Kubrow have been lost, but never forgotten. 20/07/2014. 
    All owners of these fallen Kubrow have received: 
    The Kubrow Start Kit and a full set of Kubrow Mods.
    A new Kubrow Egg.
    A Kubrow Incubator
    Kubrow Food
    A Kubrow Stasis Slot
    A Kubrow blank Trait Print
    10 x Kubrow Mods. 
    Kubrows are no longer subject to permadeath if they die on a mission without a Collar. This fix was done serverside. 


    Hooray! By the way, umm, quite a few players weren't able to get the Catalyst alert due to it being overwritten by the Howl of the Kubrow quest, due to the very low droprate, which I'm sure wasn't intended (the quest-overwrites-alert part). Still, my condolences to all 501 Tenno that lost their cute Kubrows and have to regrow them again, and to all fellow Tenno that lost the fabled blue potato that comes once every blue moon thanks to this little bug.

  9. Still waitin' on that droprate tweak for the eggs DE.

    Just uhh, just waitin' totally not going crazy heer.

    Totally not ...................................Definitely not.........



    BTW, thank you for taking so much time to actually fix any flaws the game might have, unlike other companies. Bless you DE.

  10. Also 24 hour Catalyst coming (both platforms) 5 minutes as of this post.


    Err, I have a problem. The Kubrow quest overwrites the alert's priority, meaning that unless I get an egg in 11 hours as of now, I won't get that catalyst that everyone needs. :c The droprate seems so low... I see other people with this problem, any ideas, Rebecca?

  11. So... Probably me just being nit-picky from being around for so long, but... I noted something. Was it intentional for Ash's thigh spikes to be colored by his TINT COLOR 3 instead of the original PRIMARY while he's wearing his Immortal Skin? I saw my coloring was off and spotted that detail.  That's gonna bother me... messes with all of my color schemes.


    Seems to have been changed with one of 13.9's hotfixes...


    Just waiting for that Update.... just waiting... then I'mna pounce on it and get me a dog and check out my new personal ship and... *ahem* Dunno what got into me there.... *cough*



    I feel the same for the update, bro, I feel the same.

  12. got the venka stance in a misson cant wait to get my claws

    Well, atleast someone's happy to get a stance.

    I'm a bit tired of getting Whip stances and the like when I can't get a single Nikana stance (or Booben Chassis and Systems :3)

  13. Will Vauban come to the Tenno Lab? Or will that easter egg in the lab with his Bounce be nothing more than a mirage, and Vauban will still be stuck on Alert Limbo?


    Also, what Primeframes and Prime weapons are you thinking of creating next? Ash Prime? Volt Prime? Trinity Prime? Maybe Soma Prime (Oh god, here come the comments about how OP it would be), or even the Bolto Prime?

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