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  1. Aaaqh ❤️ ❤️ Thanks so much for featuring my Nezha art. Love you guys!!! ❤️
  2. The only thing i'm skeptical about is the 1st ability because i mod my Nezha to use the 1st indefinitely, but it really sounds really cool all the other changes to it. The others abillities are looking great, as a Nezha main i'm really happy to see every change you guys are doing. The new HUD thing is awesome. Keep it up and please, give us the Deluxe ;-; i cant stand the wait anymore 😛
  3. Oh, hi everyone! First, thanks for the past updates, loving the Citadel skin so much and thanks for making the axe-head bigger ❤️ So good to see Devs that listen to player feedbacks. Here goes some questions: 1- Anything you guys can show/talk about the new sentinel coming with Fortuna? 2- There's any ETA on Vamp warframe? 3- Dojos, can we expect more Grineer/Corpus themed decorations? Like Grinner machinery, computers, more corpus racks and equipments. 4 - Still on dojo subject, is it possible to add syndicates decoration? Like the ones we see inside the syndicate room at the relays. 5- The new weapons showed at Tennocon, the corpus ones, anything we can know about them? 6- Operator, the new hairs, anything more to add on what you guys showed? 7- Pet 2.0, anything new you guys can talk? 8- Can you show a little more of the melee 3.0? Other stances or something? That's it, thanks, you guys rock!!!
  4. Yes, it's normal that you guys are upset, being angry not so much. Just do as they're doing, go there and HELP give your constructive feedback, saying things are terrible and not saying why dont help, man.
  5. It's funny to see how people think it's easy to rework characters in games, you have to adress a lot of things before changing everything or nothing. They put an small change now, the community reacts and now they have another path to walk on. JUST WAIT! Have patience, tenno. They'ill adress all issues with frames, they're planning reworks, just you wait, be polite and helpful, throw ideas and help the incredibles DEvelopers to do a big rework that will please most people, stay true to the character and be easy to adapt again.
  6. Thanks so much DE, now my little tech demons can fly again ❤️ You guys rock, 3 hot fixes in one day. ❤️❤️ Much love
  7. No fix for the Icarius Syandana? It's bugged since you guys released Nidus Deluxe, the animation is broken, no animation at all. Oh and thanks for the other things on the update, btw. Vauban Deluxe looks hella good, i'm in love with the way the metal colors are displayed 10/10.
  8. Its Liger design and he did put those eyes in the concept. The first stage armor is more like bones on top of the grayish flesh, inside the spectral parts there're bones, i think it totally fits the design, like he absorved living things, idk
  9. First of all, thanks for the incredible tennocon, i think words can not describe how joyful i was seeing all the new additions coming to Warframe. But talking about the new content comes my questions: 1 - What's the operator role in all of this? I mean, they control the Warframes, that's right, but they'll have any physical interactions with Railjack and Fortuna? (And i like to throw an sugestion here - Maybe the operator could charge the cannon for the final shot in the Railjack - who knows?!) 2 - What's the scale of Railjack? We'll be launching only from Venus or there will be other places? We'll fight other factions? 3 - Any idea on how much time to release the Nezha Deluxe? (He's one of my favorites and i'm hyped lol) 4 - Any news on the operators new hairstyles that you guys showed? Thanks again!
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