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  1. how is it disrespectful? for the most part every feedback is ignored by A lot of players read the patch notes more then they read feedback forums and from what I can see a lot more people agree with @Arancino post then with yours, this is just a hint that there are some big issues with the game mode. I would go even further with the post. Having random stats on a Railjack part is annoying enough but the real problem is they added repair cost and repair time to this. I'm fine with grind but at least when I grind materials for something I know what I am getting here I just grind for the sake of grinding. If they want us to grind the mats for parts then have them have fixed stats. else just give us the repaired part. What other game makes you grind for "weapons" with random stats where you have to further grind for the materials to repair them? If this continues where will it stop? Random stats on prime weapons? we already have Rivens (a big mistake from my point of view) that is more then enough. But god forbid someone dares to criticize DE for a rushed update with tones of bugs and a broken system because the "DE ass lickers" will jump to attack them right away. They are also people and they make mistakes and the community just wants the game to live on, you are not doing anyone a favor by defending a bad decision.
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