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  1. Why doesn't his redline work like barruk? Ability costs no energy but needs to be filled beyond red line to be used. which makes kinetic plating combo even better since it no longer drains it. And as long as we keep it above the redline the ability stays on. Also kinetic plating should work based off on how full the meter is instead of it depleting the meter.
  2. Can you make Mag deluxe tassel toggle too please
  3. Please add a long cooldown to his passives instead of charges. The rest of the kit looks so good except the passive.
  4. I'm really enjoying Hildryn. Just a few issues though. Buff her 1st. Maybe 15% crit and 15% status? It shouldn't be too op but it's just straight up underwhelming right now. Also fix the slow when using it. Her second should do at least a debuff on enemies without shield or armour. Did an infested mission. Was not fun. Why is her third doing damage? Maybe make it do RAD procs instead with low status chances? Or better yet take the debuff from her 2nd and add it here. So consecutive debuffs based on current value over time would be more useful right? Her fourth, at least make it able to do her dodge and maybe a faster "sprint" mode. Way too slow even with a volt buffing you.
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