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  1. The reactant drops for the void storms is terrible. Did a whole mission killing everyting and only got 7
  2. The bug... the drop chances of the Nautilus pieces. I have run so many ice mines and all I have are FOUR Systems. I don't expect the items to be given to me and I will farm them but to only have gotten four items and for them to ALL be the same. That has to be a bug.
  3. Ok, an update on this. Everything seems fine, just the terrible kuva lich system being the terrible kuva lich system. About two mission later he appeared and then another two time in the next three mission. When I finally got my parazon setup ready for him he hasn't shown for 5-6 missions. For a terrifying nemesis they don't like to do anything to me except taunt me and take my stuff. Not very frightening when they never appear.
  4. Did something happen to kuva liches? I have like three weapons left and the lich I am working on, well six missions in and he hasn't made an appearance. Plus I am only 3/4 of the way to the first circle (can't remember the term... shoot) I know it was always random and slow but this is bad.
  5. I was trying to add attachments to my first crew member and was unable to choose two items for the right arm and right leg. They items were on the second to bottom row and the middle and right items. I can't remember what items they were but one was from the sigma set. When I tried to select it, it would not highlight but select the items right above it. I was able to select this same item for the chest and left side. p.s. the colors I favorited for myself were not available for my crew. Makes it hard to find them all again from my like 30 pallets.
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