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  1. I'm looking to buy two specific rivens Amprex: +Critical Chance +Critical Damage +Multishot -Status Duration/Weapon Recoil/Zoom Plague Kripath: +Attack Speed +Critical Chance +Critical Damage -Impact/Status Duration/Finisher Damage Exact matches only please! My offer for the rivens starts at 4k and can be negotiated up depending on stats and negative. PM me in game, on discord (Lermdog#2773), or on the forums with a link/screen shot and your starting price.
  2. If you look, just to the left of my chroma's shoulder, you'll notice a ventkid, cool as a cucumber, staring down the profit taker. Profit taker: "You know kid, there's about to be a full fledged battle here, right?" Ventkid: "Yep." PT: "And we'll be using extremely heavy weaponry." VK: "Yep." PT: "And there's going to be A LOT of armed Corpus personnel." VK: "Yep." PT: "And I'm going to like.. Nuke the area.. Several times.. Hard enough to toss warframes around like toys." VK: "Yep." PT: "And don't you wanna.. You know?.. Find a different spot to sit?" VK: "Nope." PT: "Why the hell not?" VK: "This is the spot." PT: "..." VK: "..." PT: "Can I have a cool skateboard?" VK: "Nope." PT: "I WILL KILL YOU ALL!!!" VK: "Nope." PF: "UGH."
  3. Outdated shopping list, please delete.
  4. An update from DE James, I got my polarities returned, they have acknowledge the bug exists.
  5. Just a bump since a lot of people are experiencing this and no one has had a resolve yet.6
  6. I'm 12 days into waiting for DE to address the ticket I put in about this issue....
  7. Happened to me as well, made a post about it. Might as well help the bump train.
  8. I experienced this bug 10 days ago. I put a support ticket in but it seems like I'm being ignored so I guess I'll post it here as well. This happened on both my zaws. After applying my first forma I went to swap the polarities so I could organize my mods to my liking (I had changed my mind on builds and mod placements so this is partially my fault for need to do this since zaws come with now polarities other than stance). After I accepted the changes my stance mod lost it's polarity. Just poof. I'm adding a screenshot as proof of what happened. Note at gilded plus 1 forma the zaw should have 2 polarities for normal mods and a stance polarity. You can clearly see my weapon doesn't have the stance polarity. This affected both my zaws so now both are missing the stance polarity. For sanity's sake so I can just note it here are my zaw builds and names: Name: Corcyra (one shown in image) Link: Ekwana II Ruhang Grip: Seekalla Strike: Plague Keewar Name: Gambantein Link: Vargeet II Ruhang Grip: Seekalla Strike: Plague Kripath I would now like to take the time to ask what the @!#% DE. My ticket has been standing for 10 days with no update. Seriously? Your support notes say to ask right away about accidental polarities and they'll get solved very quickly. 10 days no update? Can someone please just explain to me what's going on that the tickets aren't getting taken care of?
  9. So I do have some questions both new and old material. First the old: The old Bourbon List from Dev Stream 73, a few topics in particular that I'd like to be talked about are: Samey-same: Phorid assassination tileset in particular, but also some other planet tilesets Dracoville: Primarily Mastery Rank mechanic changes Sounds of Silence: Long gone one time events that carried a huge chunk of lore just feel bad for us new players. I've been around for a year now and have realized how much I missed in this game's history. I would love to see these old events at least brought back as a quest of some sort. The fact that until about a month ago I thought Alad V still had some sort of favor we owed him shows this. Musty Smell: I've heard a lot of about quality of life updates to this and that, but it'd be great to see a huge push for real reworks and mechanical improvements. Archwing missions, boss hunts, and heavily leveled RNG for the sake of grinding to name a few. Gangs of New 'Yolk': Clans, alliances, and dojos are basically irrelevant except for trading, and now obstacle courses. Other than that the only important thing is ignis wraiths. It just doesn't feel good, there's no clashing, there's no drive, it's just a token to show how many people you have or how big the dojo is. Now for the new: Hosting improvements: Hosting right now doesn't feel efficient. I suffer at least a 25% rate of bad hosts. Now let me clarify, I have set my max ping at 200, this should correct any issue I have. Sadly, I still frequently end up in games where there's a 4 second delay when using operator, and severe rubber banding. Desync issues: Recently, with increasing frequency, I've found that myself or a teammate desyncs somewhere in the system. If this happens to you, you aren't able to open doors and enemies don't acknowledge you. You can still use abilities and your weapons as usual if you can get to the enemies. If this happens to a teammate you appear to not leave the where you spawn in, but weapon and ability affects appear out of thin air. To NPC enemies you are standing still wherever the desync happened. This results in a random death from out of nowhere when an enemy does find where the server thinks you are. These are issues that are apparent and have been brought up many times by many people, and we'd love to at least hear what's be done about it. On a happier note, I'm super excited to hear anything about the new war TEASER PLEZ!!! Keep up the great work guys. 🙂
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