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  1. For an easy an cheap solution simply make another Mote Amp. I have had a Mote Amp maxed but not gilded and another built in my foundry but not collected, since the last time this challenge appeared, "just in case". Have fun and may RNG be forever in your favor.
  2. I don't understand how you jumped from a player that had a different playstyle / idea to you to the premise that players are leaving the game and selling their accounts. Seems like a huge leap without any supporting evidence. Have fun and may RNG be forever in your favor.
  3. Totally agree. If this does happen it will be so funny, (and expected). Have fun and may RNG be forever in your favor.
  4. Nope. Even if you have done the investigation before, make sure you do the investigation again at the time you are going to attempt the test. The test clues are based on that instance of investigation clues. Not any other previous investigations. Have fun and may RNG be forever in your favor.
  5. I have vidar apoc (60 of 60) for pilot and vidar carcinnox (60 of 60) on the turrets and have Polar Coil (increases turret heat capacity) installed. As I already have all intrinsics at rank 10 I have only done one railjack mission since the changes, (last weeks nightwave kill boarders challenge). I noticed that I seemed to be able to just continually fire the pilot apoc without ever worrying about the heat build up. It seems I will be doing more railjack missions this week due to the nightwave challenges. Have fun and may RNG be forever in your favor.
  6. Sorry Tenno but this is totally a user error. Not a DE design error. I did the investigation, took my time and read each clue, looked for what was highlighted / unique with each clue, noted down the highlighted word, if no highlighted word then noted description of symbol or a description of the picture. I did the test, looked at first 3 images, looked at my written down clues and noted that one was the same, jumped on to that platform, rinse and repeat until test finished, took 50ish seconds, test completed first attempt. Sorry but this wasn't hard in any way shape or form if you took your time to think about what may be required to pass the test.
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