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  1. I wouldn't say that warframe is hard. No. What i would say is that that is a good thing.
  2. There is a mod i forget which that any melee damage you do heals your pet. as long as you literally tap a grineers head with a tuning fork every once and a while your pet is pretty difficult to down. I mean im not saying you're wrong that pets need a rework because they're made of lead paint chips and Flint water as far as intelligence goes and you seldom actually see them attack anything. But they're pretty sturdy.
  3. Wisp augment for breach surge. Holding the breach surge skill button instantly returns you to the nearest resevoir, no need to aim. Max range 500 meters. Prevents you using it cross map on open worlds but gives enough room for most viable in game uses where you'd want to do this. Especially good in defense and survival, things like that. Wisp augment for reservoirs. While standing within a certain area of a resevoir, you will gain an additional buff, range is effected by range, intensity of buff is effected by strength, duration does not matter as you lose buff if you go outside farther than a specific range of the reservoir. Health reservoir now increases your crit chance, speed reservoir now increases your weapon reload speed (making wisp and her companions better with bows in the process...) shock reservoir now increases status chance. (All mote effects are shared as long as fields overlap, so in theory if you lay three motes in the middle of an area, and lay a triangle shape of motes around the center three, as long as the areas of effect overlap, the effects of all three motes will be available anywhere inside that area. As such careful placement is important. Wisp augment for wilowisp. Holding wilowisp for a brief time consumes up to three times the energy instead of faster wil o wisp movement and auto transport. When you release three wisps will be cast in different directions, which will try to avoid obstacles and deal shock damage while moving if you are effected by a shock mote, breach surge will effect all four of you but will consume up to four times as much energy, tapping the button while wilowisp is out will teleport you to the wisp you are most directly facing. Clearly this mod demands EFFICIENCY. In exchange for the cost, skill will last longer at base. Wisp Sol gate augment. Sol gate becomes worth using instead of a trash 4. Increases energy drain (effected by efficiency and duration) to open a solgate that completely surrounds Wisp, the vast gravity of the Sun bleeds through and rag dolls any enemy that grows near (effected by range) into it where great damage is done, any enemies killed while skill is active will replenish energy (im not kidding this augment seriously increases drain) and sends out a pulse that increases "pull" radius and damage for a short time. Has 100% status chance dealing it's damage as radiation and fire, as well as corrosive if haste mote is active. This skill does have a base crit chance so it is effected by the earlier reservoir aug. I've been playing a lot of wisp lately so ideas for her come more readily...
  4. Or atleast let you know it's happening like a red or grey iris around the edges of the screen so you atleast know you need to go find the thing that's draining you instead of just being "wtf whered my energy go"
  5. For instance lets take that giant circular saw some of the ghouls use, duct tape a spear launcher with rope on the front, have it run on energy as opposed to ammo which can be replenished, fire button causes the projectile weapon to fire a harpoon that will latch onto what you snag and pull it back at you, pressing the melee button spins up your circular saw, grab a target and pull it into a grizzly end... Or a gatling gun with a chain saw... Or a heavy beam rifle that turns into a plasma blade or something.Things not really meant to be used with archwing but still interesting weapons for your heavy weapon slot...
  6. That is the question. Why would she? She'd have been over all better off dealing with the grineer queens than freaking warframes. It's sorta like she.... didn't..ever..intend... to go back to the sentients. She met this guy before. And told him to blow. Why is she different now? That is going to have to be answered no matter what the answer is. Maybe he's using some kind of orokin or sentient technology to confuse her... They did indicate this is largely going to be about Natah deciding where she belongs, and about family... ie who her family really is. So the answer to your question about why....well, you'll have to wait and see.
  7. She's probably not going to stay the enemy. I know there's plenty of people who have decided to hate on space mom but the odds are pretty likely she's going to be redeemed in the end. Sorry, but that's just how story telling goes. All appearances show her confused and disoriented. She doesn't seem to know whats happening to her any better than anyone else does. DE isn't exactly great at story telling but worst case scenario she's going to end up sacrificing her self, or she might end up coming back to us. If DE were to actually make us kill Natah, it would make me doubt their competence as well as the intellect of their writers. Mostly because for every one person out there who's like "yah! take that! get what you deserve!" there's going to be another player who's just going to say "Welp. I'm done. *uninstalls*" and making the second person happy is a lot more important than making the first person happy.
  8. So overall the philosophy is "multshot is the meta" and "if all weapons with multishot have high status per projectile chance it will be overpowered".... Just to present a point. I wonder how this reconciles to DE stating publicly that they now consider their scaling system to be irreconcilably broken and are now engaging on a rework of the system which may be over all beneficial, or, may be incredibly damaging if they mess something up or fail to think it through. Seeing as multishot is now something people put on literally every weapon, with maybe a very few exceptions, having status work like crit would open more shotguns into the "end game" which is where they have declared their scaling to be broken, while letting "status" shotguns do more damage because you no longer have to use the 6060 mods to reach 100. Non shotgun weapons will also be more effective because they do their damage at range. It seems to me the attempts to limit status effects in order to make the game "harder" was a poorly thought out decision that is now forcing them to put money and effort into rebuilding an already existing system. If they hadn't broken status on multishot "back then", we wouldn't be having DE declair their scaling system broken now. Granted there would probably be something else that was broken but status doesn't begin to even matter until you reach at least the 80s and it doesn't become a problem until the 120s to 130s. Which is why the plinx is a fun little gun but once you get above a certain level it's best if you left it in your toychest... mm...it's okay on infested. mostly. The majority of players will play through most of the game never noticing why status matters because most of the content that most people have access to for the first year or so of their game play won't come across much that lack of status will put them in crisis against. It looks like they are now having to rework armor scaling now because they put a hard limit on status application way back when. "Yes but at levels above 100 you're mostly using your warframe abilities" yeah but.... that's kinda part of the problem isn't it. That your equipped weapons (melee not withstanding) aren't keeping up with your frames ability to deal damage, which... kinda limits what frames you can use, because not all of them are damage dealers and sometimes crowd control just means all the things that are shooting at you are in one place now.
  9. I have never met anyone happy about how status works on shotguns. Being that it's basically chance that at at least one pellet will apply status unless your status chance is 100.... Sure this works with single projectile shotguns like Plasmor and probably works okay on the energy shotguns... But the pellet shotgun it may be one of the most non-understood physics in the game. So. Has DE EVER said why they're doing it this way when absolutely no one thinks it's a good idea?... Or I'm sorry, like, a few people will think it's a good idea... because there's always someone. At this point I'm not asking them to fix it im just asking why this is a thing in the first place...
  10. That would require them to admit they were wrong. So instead they make you waste a mod slot to fix a problem they created, that they know they are wrong about, that they know was significantly damaging the game.... but don't want to admit it so they make you waste a mod slot to fix it instead.kinda like the mod that removes self damage from explosive weapons yet reduces the damage.They're incapable of admitting how terrible an idea self harm was so instead they make you waste a slot on fixing their mistake.
  11. At literally like 1000 a pop, its not not going to be that big of a deal. at least then im working on literally /any/ other gameplay objective instead of just obsessively grinding for forma.
  12. Here's my suggestion......................................... Armor. Doesn't reduce damage. It completely blocks it. Serving the same effect as a shield. Shields can be broken more easily, but regenerate, armor doesn't regenerate, but is much harder to break. Instead of corrosive being the only thing that strips armor, everything you do to it will damage the armor, but no damaging the squishy center till you get past the armor. That is to say, you HAVE to strip armor in the process of killing the target. Blue numbers are shield, purple numbers are over shield, white, yellow, orange,and red numbers are damage to health, and we'll say... What... Green. Lets do green... will be damage to armor. Once you've broken the armor, you can start dealing damage to health. But since it doesn't regenerate it takes longer to get through. But just like shields................. There are things that can bypass it. Like. Blast (i commented on this recently) if you know anything about the body's response to an explosion, blast should bypass shields... To be specific, if you are within a certain blast radius of any explosion above a certain yield, it doesn't matter if you're wearing armor, or if you are protected from shrapnel, there is a hard kill zone where just the concussive force of shockwaves passing though your soft tissues and brain will kill you no matter what period. That is why demolitions which can drop a building on a dime none the less have a large clearance zone, it's not just about delay, shock waves will KILL you. Blast concussions are one of the most common internal injuries treated by both military hospitals and long term the VA hospital system. In addition to blast you have pierce, which should do a percentage of it's total damage against health directly, so, 60% of proc damage hits the armor, 40% goes to health. Punch through should also cause armor penetration for obvious freaking reasons. This might require a nerf to slash/viral builds in how they function, but the real issue with armor scaling seems to be largely that armor is part of health and you kinda have to strip it off as you get their health down... Making it it's own thing that is not part of health just like shields are not part of health, means that you can focus on things that bypass the armor. You're going into a sortie with hardened armor targets? Bring blast weapons and puncture weapons to get straight at their health. If that makes any sense.
  13. No. Add more cats to Khora. All the cats to Khora, infinite Khora cats...
  14. Here's an idea. How about replacing the skill with one that does this. Call it "Raven's Eye" or something. The actual skill description would be "highlights enemy targets and focuses on targets when aimed at. When focused on target, target receives automatic headshot shot damage with increased headshot multiplier. Real physics. 1. Screen goes greyscale but enemies are highlighted with a yellow outline, including enemies behind cover if your equipped weapon has punch through. When aiming, the highlighting color will shift from a yellow outline, to a thicker orange outline, until the entire target is eventually painted red. The rate this happens will be slower with higher duration but the skill being active will not consume continuous energy (meaning that this pairs well with a reduced duration high power strength build for peacekeepers). Instead....... 2. While this skill is active, a portion of energy is consumed each time a weapon is fired (effected by efficiency), making it very much not something you want to use with a rapid fire weapon as the amount of energy consumed is fixed, not based on specific weapon. The energy consumption is not based on trigger pull but rather "revolution" of the firing mechanism, so on automatic weapons, each time a "ammo" is consumed, the energy is consumed, including energy weapons, Single trigger pull weapons will there for obviously consume energy less rapidly. Burst fire weapons are considered one shot per firing rotation instead number of rounds consumed by the burst. This would make the Tiberon prime a good choice because of it's selectable fire modes. 3. Projectiles landing on a target while it is in focus status (highlighted or painted in red) will do automatic headshot damage as long as the equipped weapon is capable of landing headshots (ie plasmor cannot benefit from this skill) and the multiplier of that headshot will be increased based on the weapon's innate headshot multipliers, mod multipliers, and power strength. This puts a real emphasis on using weapons that are based around Mesa's "theme" single shot rifles, sniper rifles, shotguns, single shot pistols and akpistols.... I'm undecided on rather maybe hipfire shots should not consume energy... Use of peace keepers cannot stack with this skill because you have to be "ADS" on a target in order to get the headshot and multiplier increase.......................Especially good with shotguns but because you have to aim and wait, it kinda detracts from some of the major benefits of shotguns, like the tigris is meant to apply a ton of damage, right now, and then get out, the tigris could probably do huge damage with this, but you'd have to use it in a way different than how it's kinda designed to be applied. Would definitely benefit the Vulkar Wraith quite a lot with all it's headshot multiplying mods c.c... Anyway just a thought. I'm kinda at work so i don't have the time right now to put full attention to detail so it's just a rough outline. Use peace keepers for mob nuking, use "Raven's Eye" or what ever you want to call it for single target damage dealing... To get the most out of this you would need a low duration build which kinda makes the other two skills not worth using so this would be a very glass canon dps build. I figure that this skill would not work on certain enemies including some bosses and probably eidolons, at least, it might work on the final "head shot" phase of an eidolon but not the mob enforcer stage since that's all about applying specific damage to a very specific target. Otherwise the skill might work on the "weak points" but only illuminate these weak points, so you still have to hit the weak points but they grant you a headshot damage multiplier......................... Like i said i don't have time right now to work out every detail on something that DE definitely isn't going to just say "oh hey i like that lets do it" anyway. Mostly i feel like "single shot" weapons over all need some love and this skill would definitely make them more useful... ... the 100% status effect augment mod i guess would work on any target that is focused on...
  15. There's one other issue I failed to mention.... Which is that the AI is omniscient. I had a similar problem in the brief period I played Anthem (dear lord I hope they can actually do something to fix that ruined freaking game, it had so much potential to be the trash that it ended up being...). So what you'll see is you'll look down your scope, in the heat of violent battle, where enemies and allies are all over the place, and yet the enemy you aim at with your sniper rifle some how against all odds from a notable distance away, knows that they are the one you are aiming at, and scoots out of the way. To have that kind of experience you kinda need to explain how the npc knows you're aiming at it. Now. Yes. Absolutely, the best way, especially at range, to handle being shot at is to move horizontally strafing one direction or the other in a broken path, preferably with cover to break line of sight. That is a valid real world tactic because human beings are absolute trash at leading targets. It takes significant training and frequent refresher training to be able to consistently hit a real world target that is strafing, especially if you're at great range because you have to start to account for things like atmospheric turbulence, bullet drop, the speed of your projectile vs distance to the target to account for how much you have to lead by, true most of that isn't relevant at the ranges depicted here but even at relatively close range, people can and do dance side to side to deadly effect....(it's one reason I was taught that you don't ever draw to intimidate, you draw to fire, if you draw, you fire, it's not one then the other, it's one action, if you aren't ready to fire, you don't even reach. Because once there's a weapon in play, things develop rapidly in an often uncontrollable manor.) So yes. Sure. It's absolutely valid if someone knows you're aiming at them for them to dodge.... It's an effective tactic. What isn't valid is that the ai is omniscent and will have targets dodge rather there was a realistic chance of them knowing you were aiming at them or not. Yeah I'm sure it's intended to reward "snopshot precision".... I still call BS. Also, since most snipers have punch through, a head shot should be a head shot either way.
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