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  1. The vectis prime was the prototype for the zhuge prime, using a trash physic to counterbalance anything that would have made the weapon worth using.
  2. In my totally not humble but honest and often unpopular opinion, the effect of fire rate mods need to be approximately doubled (and 2x to all charged weapons not just bows) which would effectively give multi shot competition. For example 120% fire rate means you will definitely fire double the projectile, more than that even, but this also means burning your mag a lot faster. This would not be optimal on all weapons, and there would definitely be times that multi is better. That said if you mod for both you're going to start to effect the ability for the weapon to be viable outside of its standard mechanics. You'd have to forfeit element mods or crit mods so you'd be losing damage, crit and status to create a bullet hose. And again it might be worth while on charge weapons like bows or opticor, Lanka, depending on how you use it, being that multi shot means pulling ammo out of your ass where as fire rate might fire more bullets per minute optimally, but won't if the mag is small...
  3. Please this.................... I know they're trying to take away my operator and replace them with a different operator in an upcoming expansion that will probably be where the game ends for me (because i do not want to lose my current operator) and maybe they're just waiting for that but more natural character modeling and movement would make me so happy... (I'm not jumping the gun here, they haven't said anything about what they mean by their repeated comments that "it's time to grow up", a lot of you want adult characters, i just don't, if it's optional, then there's no problem, if it's only for that one story line, that's no problem, if i have to lose the character I'm emotionally invested in to complete that story, i just won't, there's plenty of other things to do in the game. Should be fine without it.)
  4. On thinking about this i think the big problem would be having to animate the hood opening and closing, all of the hoods have different mechanics and some would require the operator actually pulling them up or down like the scarf hood. They /could/ just have that spiral light display that happens when you pull out a "hidden" weapon, or shift into void mode for a second, but it's a pretty sloppy way of animating it.... I do wish there were more operator only events and maybe operator only social areas but, not happening...
  5. If DE chose to allow you to equip scaled down versions of any armor you have unlocked on your operator. would that be something that would interest you? a lot of it wouldn't look great but some of it might be pretty cool. I also wouldn't particularly mind the ability to either skin amps or "hide" amps...
  6. The moment you have a choice between ignoring someone who is annoying you, or being a jerk. You saw who the op was. You made a conscious decision to come in here and be derisive to another user. If he's bothering you, ignore him. People learn this in kindergarten.
  7. Yeah it'll be like when the power rangers take their helmets off.
  8. Most of the problem could br addressed by making scopes effected by energy color. It would also be more handicap accessible because it addresses color blind players. But you know god forbid.
  9. Wouldn't mind if we could get amp skins, or a choice to "hide amp".... and would be kinda cool if we could equip cosmetic armors on our operator. you know, scaled down to match the smaller size.
  10. Excuse me but these are not mutually exclusive. Together they can be the spice lords. And the spice must flow.
  11. Need to put together a ghost squad for halloween, Inaros the mummy, Revinant the vampire, Nekros cause...zombies.. and wisp for ghost...the best trick or treating squad.
  12. Or... You know... At leas the ability to apply a jackolantern sigil to her ample assets...
  13. Actually i was hoping someone would tennogen a wisp jackolantern helmet by then... Since Jack o the lantern and Will o the wisp are kinda in the same general spirit...
  14. Not enough. Few hundred over the years.. Fair share of bronies too. Blessedly none of the "giant blue cat person" fandom from avatar............ ironic seeing as this game is rather like avatar in certain regards...
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