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  1. Could it be possible to trade the position of the Secondary and Accents dyes?, with all other frames the Accents are the metallic details of the skins, but with Nova Asuri's the metallic details are on the Secondary channel instead, making it impossible to match the metallic parts of body and helmet if you try to use a different helmet, the Prime one, for example.
  2. Now i can't enter the Plains of Eidolon without my graphics card overheating like crazy...
  3. I see all the problems with the block button while only using a melee weapon are still not fixed. If you bulletjump, block and roll in the air, your character is stuck in the block animation. Also, you can't aim while using items like the mining tool if you only have equipped a melee weapon.
  4. Vallis spelunker achievement is still bugged, 29/30 it says and i have all of them marked on the map.
  5. Vallis Spelunker still stuck at 29/30 with all 30 caves discovered in the map. And the Joyride achievement is still not unlocked on Steam after being unlocked ingame.
  6. The achievement problems are still unsolved? For example, discovering the 30 caves and not getting Spelunker, or when i unlocked Joyride in my account but it didn't unlocked on Steam achievements... There's also another problem in Fortuna, i don't know if i'm the only one, but when i enter a cave and go outside, the environmental illumination gets so bright it burns my eyes, and it doesn't get normal, it stays too bright.
  7. " Improved open-world performance for low-end machines (with Toggle OFF 'High Shader Quality'). " I don't know what you changed in the game, but my graphics card now overheats when i enter Orb Vallis with the High Shader Quality set to OFF. Now i can't do missions in the map as before.
  8. Add to this the problem that the cursor moves slowly when you are in any menu as if it was controlled by a gamepad instead of a mouse, it moves weird too, it makes everything painfully slow, specially when you are trying to manage mods for selling, it's like it is moving underwater and it automatically moves to places you don't want it to go, like the selection numbers box. Please, fix this as soon as possible or add an option to turn off completely the gamepad "assist".
  9. When are you going to add an option to disable the virtual controller mouse pointer (when i have no controller in the game) everytime i enter a menu?, i use keyboard and mouse and i don't want the pointer to move in slow motion when i'm selecting anything in the new UI. Also the pointer moves for itself to the number box when i choose a mod for selling/converting to endo, making it really hard when i want to select lots of mods. It moves by itself in a lot of situations. Can't you add an option to go back to the normal controls we had before the UI changes?
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