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    So why are exactly the featured clans shuffeled? The Ghost clan is 1st place winner Shadow, Mountain and Moon 3rd place And Storm 2nd place And they're featured right now May i know why please xD I not mad or something i just wonder
  2. Clan name: Arcane Rage Clan Tier: Shadow Clan platform: PC Clan role: Commodore (architect permision) The dojo is decorated by me having fun. i never intended to make a theme or a specific goal, i just want to have fun decorating and show everyone what you can do with having fun. Feature image: Sentient Titan Main hall Frozen market: Navigation: Bar Prodman: Venusian View: An Orokin Legend: Crocodile: Dojo vallis: Samurai Loki: Fallen Warrior: The 5 labs: Enchanted Waterfall:
  3. I would want to apply but i still have that: ''Natural Vallis Orb'' bugging around 🙂
  4. but its still ugly with a box on my ceiling
  5. Well atleast i had the luck to be able to hide the decoration on the ceiling
  6. So i was just decorating the dojo as normal and saw that there were new decorations added, i placed a decoration called: Natural Vallis Orb. And placed it. Now i cant remove it whatever i try and how, this is really annoying and i cant even contribute to it so pls tell me what i can do.☹️
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