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  1. I'd love to answer however most times out of 10 my dialogue bugged out, so the npc would stop talking mid sentence while still explaining something 😕
  2. I don't have Xaku, however I feel like their ultimate could have so much more potential from what I'm seeing. Alongside a damage buff on The Vast Untime I feel like there should also be a second part to it, so this is what I'm thinking: Instead of simply phasing Xaku's armor on them when recasting thier ult, how about turning it into a "reverse" explosion? Basically when Xaku's 4 is recasted, his armor pieces are sent back to him, damaging enemies within a radius as well as stunning enemies within a smaller radius (maybe even giving the same debuffs as the initial cast). This way, it gives rec
  3. Once I saw that Khora skin I KNEW I just had to buy it for the helmet... it would look so amazing with Khora Urushu 😮
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