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  1. feh, i don't even remember how to backflip. who even needs it when the only true path is forward?
  2. well after you level up your MK1 weapons, then I hear that the Karak is a pretty decent rifle. The Strun is a pretty fun shotgun, and if you want something more accurate and decently powerful early on then the Vectis can be handy.
  3. goga_gola


    We have nothing to fear from these Americans. They are simply boys who think that war is like Samson with his shield and spear and sword, like David with his sling. They do not know war is now the conflict of smoke stacks—a combat of the driving wheel and engine, of splintered steel and toxic gas in melted lungs. When we dug this trench we unearthed not dirt alone but legs, arms, skulls, helmets, all the debris of this mighty struggle. This is reality of what they now face.
  4. this is a reminder that you’re obligated to color Volt as The Taser from PAYDAY 2
  5. goga_gola


    ultimately, there is no point to life in the grand scheme of the universe. out there an ancient star has reached the end of its lifespan and has detonated, taking its solar system with it. two galaxies that had just recently collided with each other a thousand years ago were just consumed by a super-massive black hole. everyday this universe keeps expanding farther and farther out into the yawning void of space, a place so black and infinite that you’ll probably go insane trying to comprehend it. And eventually, if you believe in the theories, that brings us closer and closer to the heat death
  6. It’s a cool idea in concept, but in practice it’ll be tough. I’d hate to be doing my own thing in Operator mode and then go back to my body to find out to see that my Frame lost all of their HP because they were starring down a lvl 100 Bombards barrel trying to slap him to death.
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