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  1. (PS4)ZeusDeOGod

    Spy Missions Frustrating and far to convoluted

    Stealth kill weapon can’t use with very low damage weapon or auto rifle and some time will slow down for make chain continue or invisible off or miss chain up to luck Yes if lucky one mission may be 1-30 but I ever do that with melee weapon that have catalyst and melee only + namaron. Spy with friend will guarantee time 1-30 before 20 min and easy got Meso relic too no boost then 30 min still better then defense mission. Ext can give more but need more skill or luck and low reward. Better thing is soloable problem spy fast is Ivara only limbo can too but will risk exp got when operator mode amp got exp not weapon. Loki will have problem with laser use switch teleport will alert enermy
  2. (PS4)ZeusDeOGod

    Spy Missions Frustrating and far to convoluted

    Best exp mission if you have 3 people if equip 1 weapon you may can lv 1-30 in8-9 mission and 4-5 mission if have exp boost 1 round use time around 2-3min if 3people
  3. (PS4)ZeusDeOGod

    Please improve the Toroid farm

    i think this item will guaruntee drop in orb fight in future. enemy and cave just extra farm by RNG or just let you can have garuda faster. before orb fight ready
  4. (PS4)ZeusDeOGod

    Failed to log in, check info.

    i even got this but solve by IP.. some IP got bans ex china sometime my isp may use china gateway and i can't login.. but lucky my isp random IP and gateway anytime fiber reconnect so i just reset rounter and that solve..very rare case if you still can't and reset rounter not help you may need use VPN for play this game... if you want check it PC problem or not try use moblie to connect game.you will got nat problem and may not play multi-player but still can login for solo
  5. problem from who not buy plat or farm plat for buy slot will level rank slow.... or just buy promotion pack but use all plat for fasion frame lol.. so no left for slot and not make process far enough to farm exp spot. so ppl will stack at MR.. try learn more about this game will save you time and boost you process if want cheat got high level rank weapon from low MR.. system already have prime vault for you to buy it.. but hey i want free and fast.. doing by the way other people do...learn for it. DE want money to work eat and life. so them make system for people must pay for fast process but game already have way for who not pay like farm relic farm arcane for sell and sell for who have plat . but if you say all way is suck .. that up to you . the world have way to run but that not your way. make your choose if it still suck just quit no one force you to play
  6. (PS4)ZeusDeOGod

    Thanks for Watching Devstream #120!

    Mesa prime look better more then deluxe skin a lot... if mesa prime use deluxe skin will have some accessory that will show in deluxe skin? Like umbra wear other skin.. I feel like pay plat but no point to use...
  7. game have reason for make it like that.. if he change semi-auto to full auto DE will nerf damage for balance the game and you god like weapon will become to toy.
  8. change joystick or buy macro keypad for pc. and console buy hori pad fps...
  9. (PS4)ZeusDeOGod

    Dev Workshop: Nezha Revisited

    if the chakram will homing to enemy that hit by divine spear up to X... it will better then second one lol
  10. (PS4)ZeusDeOGod

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    I think problem from automatic give ash prime broke when flood data from 500k people+bot see that time. If sv still recover that log soon or later u will got one... btw I don’t get it yet too
  11. (PS4)ZeusDeOGod

    TennoLive 2018 - Ash Prime Twitch Drop!

    ps4 don't get too. wake up to see after start 5 min until end so i can see future but can't see ash lol