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  1. The only thing these changes got me to agree on is to mostly just give up.
  2. We successfully campaigned to have DE realize we were unhappy. That was as far as it went.
  3. I don't know if they have the space in the database for further customization but... Yes please!
  4. And judging by your score, you've been feeling the pain for a long time too.
  5. Well, I don't have to think about much of anything since DE obstinately refuses to admit there might be some work needing to be done, so I'll never have to find out if my most beloved frame would be better off that way. Edit: Besides, wouldn't want to infringe on what the new speed frame or Hildrin can do.
  6. It's about the mechanics of energy drain actually. That mechanic is built specifically as a nerf in terms of energy management.
  7. Hey, maybe it'll happen, mobility is clearly OP, so why not nerf Zephyr with a power drain.
  8. Caelward

    About Zephyr

    Well, you aren't the only one. But hey, I'll hold out hope that they one day hear my suggestion to combine Zephyr's Divebomb with her melee slam attack. Give her a passive that benefits everyone, unlike the lowgrav which you really have to learn to use before you start to like it.
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