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  1. Caelward

    I'm Back! With another Zephyr thread.

    Channeled? What kind of channeled? She really needs her weapons to function well, or else the hover is even worse, and what are the energy costs. Anything that drains energy is specifically designed as a power limiter. If you are modding Zephyr with a purpose, then she ends up running a rather narrow line for energy management. She can be fine for regular play, but if you disrupt her energy regeneration then she's going to be out of power for turbulence and tailwind when you need them.
  2. Caelward

    Hildryn can fly! Who else flies...

    Great, how about fixing the problems we were asking to be fixed for years before PoE. PoE isn't the Zephyr fix, it's just as excuse for her problems.
  3. Caelward

    Hildryn The Heavy Shield tank and Zephyr The Master of the Air

    Hmm, On the matter of control, I think the fine control does come in grades. The faster you go, the less control, simply by the nature of having less time to react. Hildryn looks to have exceptional control, giving you the ability to fine adjust where she sits in the sky. Hers is a proper hover, like a super nullifier drone except she chooses where to be. Titania is less a hover and more a helicopter/archwing. She has the better balance of speed and control able to stop and hover when shooting and dash around for melee and movement. Zephyr is about aiming yourself in the correct direction and throwing yourself through the sky. I'm willing to accept that as her method of flight, I've become quite good at using the directed air dash. I'm convinced it would be perfectly fine if the dash animation didn't force her to experience the unfortunate consequences of a momentum system that seems broken and frankly unfixable judging by how Zephyr functions unchanged since launch. Would Zephyr be discarded so easily if your first experience with her #1 wasn't getting buried in a doorjamb because most of the game is in corridors and Zephyr has a rather high skill floor? If you instead hit that doorjamb straight on and then automatically wall latched, you'd just be like, 'oh, that's how that works' and move on with your life, but it doesn't work that way. You get buried into that doorjamb like a dart thrown by a muscleman. We've complained for years, and they only made it worse with the mod type adjustments. What a good first impression to give people.
  4. Caelward

    Hildryn can fly! Who else flies...

    The unfortunate part of this is that this result was called ahead of time. We knew it would turn out like this.
  5. Well, it wasn't obvious that she would do so in the beginning, but Hildryn has been given an ult that allows her slow controlled freeform flight. Hers is a different niche again from Zephyr and Titania, but with a new style having been built that will impact and limit and potential changes to other flying frames to prevent close overlap. As a Zephyr main, I am somewhat jealous of the dash. I mean, you're telling me the master of wind wouldn't use gusts of wind to nudge herself about?
  6. Congratulations, you are now a Zephyr veteran, this is the line, you found it.
  7. Caelward

    Frost Rework Conception

    Any pony is a one trick pony if you don't teach it anything new. Frost has multiple viable builds and methods of play, but if a player doesn't take any effort to try something that isn't his bubble, then that's on them. If you've played out the Quick cast full strip avalanche, the quick cast efficent mobile snow globe for things like sortie defense where you can walk your bubble with the defense target and the huge range slow field that ice wave impedance can be built for and still tell me he's a one trick pony, then I don't know what frame you've been playing. AND BESIDES, what makes you think that the edits DE is willing to give Frost are the edits you want?!
  8. Caelward

    Frost 2.0

    Man, you have not experimented with Frost enough. True, his 2 by itself is mediocre, which judging by pretty much every frame in the game, is not the end of the world. DE has a budget, I don't know how it works, but clearly they are adhering to it. But if you're going to call it garbage I'm going to call you uneducated on the matter. Here's what's important, try out the augment for Frosts ice wave. Get yourself the largest range you can and just try it out. Frost is not just his bubble, and if you think he is, you haven't taken time to learn the frame.
  9. Caelward

    Titania can't glide while zephyr can

    Are you talking about the anti gravity passive? That's a double edged sword that changes how Zephyr controls. It is this more than anything else that splits opinion on whether Zephyr is any good. It raises the skill floor on learning how Zephyr moves and disrupts your habits for going back to other frames. I mean, I still love Zephyr, but I'm not sure many Titania fans would enjoy that.
  10. Caelward

    Can Zephyr Get Another Look?

    I always considered the hover to be damaging to Zephyr because it runs counter to her initially designed theme of mobility. As many of us who have been here long enough to experience movement 2.0, being able to jump around in Warframe is a core part of the game. Zephyr raises the satisfaction of movement mastery to another level at the cost of learning how it actually functions. The divebomb passive. Perhaps I am a little biased, but I do like it when that particular passive suggestion spreads. It's near and dear to my heart. The Airburst suggestion would make a great augment I think. A trap that locks struck enemies in the air for a period of time would be a great team assist crowd control. A small scale Bastille in essence. Sound to be worth a mod slot in my opinion. I kinda like that choice of Tornado types. A single Tornado on the spot would be a great casting variant, since you're often in that spot when you want a tornado in a hurry.
  11. Caelward

    Frost small changes and adding something new

    I like the passive idea. That's a nice frost themed idea that's far more interesting and likely to get attention than immunity to cold. Ice wave has an augment that will create a slowing field for a duration that slows anything that is on it, or anything that enters the range. It makes the ability very strong. Freeze already pops the snow globe and ragdolls any enemies that happen to be inside.
  12. Caelward

    Frost Rework

    I really disagree that he doesn't offer much past his globe. Snow globe is just a focal point of one of three ways in which you might build him. You can build Frost to quickly build powerful bubbles at low cost all over the place. Anyone who's played him for awhile knows that he's extremely useful on excavation maps, and perhaps that's the problem here. If you do a whole lotta excavation, then you're going to be the bubble boy constantly running around and using the exact same ability all the time and all over the place. A good Frost is easily the difference between doing a couple cycles or doing many repeat cycles of excavators. So this build gets boring. That does not make it bad. Use anything too much, because that's what everyone is expecting you to use, then yeah you can bore yourself. As for the Ice Wave, lots of secondaries under perform, much like Frost's Freeze ability. But the augment redeems the ability to an incredible agree. It is a deceptively far ranging CC tool. This makes it really strong. It's a long duration, reasonable cost CC tool as well. You can build with a focus on this and then use the ice wave as a great support tool for allies or your own heavy hitting weapon loadout. This is a fantastic offering that everyone can take advantage of. Not being fully unique isn't a reason to change it though. Having overlap with stuff like Nova's four, modded for positive power, doesn't make ice wave bad because they still have their own differences in range, cast speed, modifiers and extra effects. As for his Avalanche being replaced... Man, stripping obscene amounts of armor from enemies nearby, while freezing them in place, while granting allies proc nullifying armor with the augment is a great ability! There are aspects where you want to use it with care around allies, but many abilities are like that. His passive and his 1 are both really boring though, I agree with that for sure. But for all the rest of the stuff he has to offer when a person digs deep, DE may not be giving that any attention any time soon. What could you replace those with that would be more interesting though. An idea that struck me as I was writing was to perhaps give him a passive slow aura that activated when he had a certain amount of energy and got stronger at certain thresholds. So he'd want to hold a certain minimum energy and would get better if he had a large, and full, energy pool.
  13. Caelward

    I'm Back! With another Zephyr thread.

    I used to be strongly on the side of removing Zephyr's current passive for something else, It took me awhile to actually master the quirks of her low gravity. Specifically, my biggest pet peeve was when running across uneven ground resulted in me being airborne when I never wanted to be, and now I was stuck there for awhile. I'm gonna be blunt here, I got used to it. I no longer consider it an issue, but rather a mastery feature.
  14. Caelward

    I'm Back! With another Zephyr thread.

    Hmm, I'm not against the idea of this sort of mechanic, but I'm leery of overcomplex suggestions in terms of how much time and effort DE is willing to spend on the poor little birdy.
  15. Caelward

    Shrine of the Eidolon: Zephyr Prime 22.16.4

    Nice idea. Too bad variants of this idea have only been repeatedly suggested since the day Zephyr was initially released.