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  1. This is the very reason I don't like having the same games on multiple launchers. Like hell if you think I'm going to install a second copy of the game just for a bunch of skins and 440pl. Why not let us link our discord account and give us the skin in whatever launcher we're using if we have Nitro?
  2. I have so many Helios relics that I probably wont even notice its vaulting.
  3. As if these were hard to do... Again? About time Good, I was getting sick of bullet-jumping around for hours in the plains just looking for Iradite. About time! Now I just have to wait for the magazines of some guns to actually work like they should *looks at the Soma not animating when shooting at all and the Bronco family dropping pistol mags*
  4. How evil, distracting me from the vault closing by bringing back the event that gives me all the formas I need and then some...
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