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  1. So, thought I'd chime back in, after the twitch connection was finally fixed in my profile, Ember was granted to me but the decoration wasn't. And, honestly, I'm fine with that.
  2. If the last two times this happened are any indication, they'll just say "it's fixed" and ignore further input. Irritating, but what can you do.
  3. Haven't gotten mine either. Worth noting this is the second time we've had a Prime giveaway screw up. With the next one being the gun for watching the awards next week, I'm curious if this is going to get worked out this time or not.
  4. Was going to ask about that. I came by to check and see if something was up, as I'm over a day out and still don't have Ember granted to my account and now it's showing that there is an error connecting to Twitch.
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