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  1. I agree, white markers are usually reserved for allies and are thus really misplaced in the "free for all" conclave mode.
  2. I also advocate for the removal of the Ignis series of weapons in Conclave, and regarding the Telos Boltace I feel like only removing the syndicate effect would be enough. After all Conclave already has a reduced choice of weapons.
  3. Indeed it is a problem that there is not even a prompt for this.
  4. Those are for orientation help so you know which buttons to press, I find them fairly helpful but maybe a toggle would be useful for people who get distracted by them.
  5. Those got announced 3 years ago but who knows maybe they will get implemented with the new conclave mode DE is planning.
  6. Honestly just take it to conclave, there some of the worst weapons in the game get their redemption. You also have to consider the fact that the Braton V is like a MR4? weapon and it performs about as good as a weapon of that requirement, whether you get that weapon at MR4 is here not the question though.
  7. Immortal skins currently can not disable prime bits on prime frames with the one exception of mesa prime. This is a state which I as a fashion conscious Tenno do not want to accept as It hinders me and presumably other fashionistas from using the most meta variant of frames with prime effects but not having to bother using a downgrade so one can enjoy using a immortal skins with it's intricate patterns. Currently the worst offenders of the aforementioned issue are Valkyr prime which essentialy only gets two stipes on her legs and Nekros prime who barrely gets any change from using a immortal skin. Feel free to try it out in the orbiter if you disagree but currently I feel like buying these immortal skins is a waste of platinum if one intends to use them on the prime variants. '
  8. I advocate the choice to equip all skins as long as they are for the weapon type in this case.
  9. Honestly I really like the way the Syandana handles Conclave motivation, I feel like maybe making the lights more persistent would be a good solutions, as in, you lose one light a day so you still need to be somewhat active. And at the end of the day it's just one Syandana of the many you can choose.
  10. @Stormdragon The Shrine Specters on earth can use abilities and bulletjump so I feel like the AI is there but the will to port it somewhere may be lacking.
  11. DE should just make them sellable and it's fine and a small way to earn some credits.
  12. There is a Inconsistency in the Non-Tennogen Nikana Skins in the form of the Dragon Nikana and Skiajati being able to equip the "Nikana Tekelu skin" but not the Conclave variant, prior to this skins for the Nikanas used their "unique variants skin" if they were not bought from the Market. I feel like Conclave Skins are being discriminated in this case as the "Nikana Conclave skin" is clearly "the same" as the "Nikana Tekelu skin" yet is unable to be equiped on weapons like the "Tekelu Nikana skin" can. https://ibb.co/nr4Ldsy https://ibb.co/XCbDQFW https://ibb.co/d7BPZ8k
  13. You can to that in private lobbies with Nidus and the -eHP mods, though getting the variants back would be lit.
  14. Nah this is just a lowkey buff to players with bad machines.
  15. I have to say, for the amount of buffs that Zhuge Prime takes fairly long...
  16. The Profit taker in itself is fairly easy but the problem is that new players may not have the necessary rank in the syndicate to even complete it and thus may be missing out on standing which they need to reach the rank they desire.
  17. They can make a daily 1000 point quest, play 1 match in conclave. But if DE would do some real challenges... Reddit would cry, loud.
  18. Very nice touches in general, maybe also make a few of the PVP exclusive augments also PVE compatible, as some of them are very unique and could potentially change the way some frames are played.
  19. @Rubbertubtub01 That is actually a good idea as weapons in conclave don't rely that heavily on modding.
  20. Honestly the weapon should just get the sniper zoom, as in variable, I mean it's the "sniper" archgun after all. I think the thing which would help the Velocitus the most is if it got its knockback on charged shots removed as that knockback literally makes it unplayable for me at least as the time the animation takes is just so long and increases the TTK of enemies to such degrees that I don't even consider using the weapon in normal missions Also a thing which is terrible is that uncharged shots only deal 10%dmg, in archwing that is not a problem as the gun is spammable but in atmospheric mode the only way to circumvent the knockback is just nonviable as 10% just don't cut it, and the other comparable archweapon with a similar mechanic the Corvas gets to have 50% on uncharged shots. I think these numbers were alright in archwing mode but they really fall short on the Velocitus in Atmospheric mode.
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