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  1. Here's what I think: Nyx's new Mind Control looks really good but in the endgame no matter how much damage enemies do, as long as it does not scale with our weapon damage it's tiny. How about instead of that the enemy taken over receiving the player's current weapon as a copy with all its built-in mods and stats. It would make for some interesting combinations like dual simulors that feed each other's vortexes. Nyx's Psychic Bolts in this state could really be a game changer. Instead of disarm augment PLEASE do a "when X bolts hit a nullifier bubble it pops" one!!! (I know it's OP but I want something to deal with those stupid bubbles! ;) Nyx's Absorb is good I think. Expected a bit more of a rework but I guess it's already powerful enough. Possibly give it a synergy: When an enemy dies by another enemy through any means within X range its hp are added to Absorb's damage pool in a random elemental type. It's hard enough for enemies to kill each other so I think this is balanced. As for Titania's Lantern: Still feels a bit weak, though I could be wrong. How about this synergy: Razorwings deal equal damage, procs and effects to all targets affected by the Lantern. Titania's Razorwing weapons deal 20% of their damage to all enemies affected by Lantern (to balance it a bit). Titania's Tribute sounds really nice. A lot less casting. I like that. As for Razorwing itself: How about following: Razorwings deal anti-armor damage similar to how shattering impact does (stripping small amounts of base armor, intended for lategame). This way they actually have an use beyond level 30 or so.
  2. So... 3x Rifle, 3x Secondary, 3x Melee rivens... Where is shotguns? How about instead 3x Primary riven, I think that would be better. On the boosters: Is it 7 days for all 3 or just 1 random of them?
  3. Questions: FORTUNA: How many possible combinations for Kitguns will there be? How many possible combinations for custom MOAs will there be? Will there be another fraction besides Solaris United in Fortuna and if so is it the Quills? I'm afraid to ask but: How many different kinds of "fish", minerals, gems and other new types of resources will we have to grind? Will resource rewards be included in quest rewards, as side rewards (next to the normal rewards) or will they only be acquired through fishing, mining and plundering the Corpus? How many vehicles and what types will be included? Will be be able to build or buy our own vehicle(s) and if so customize, mod and/or deploy them? Are they fixed or another modular assembly? Will there be multi-crew vehicles and if so will they have guns? Any more specific date than "this fall" on when it is set to release? RAILJACK: Will railjack ships have a mod/arcane system? Will there be Archwing reworks of any kind? Will railjack be against other fractions (Grineer, Infested, possibly Sentients in the future)? Will railjack be all throughout the Origin system (and maybe later Tau) or only above planets, above certain planets? Will railjack transport us through different sectors or will we exit the mission after the fold only to re-assemble back in our respective orbiters to join the next mission as a squad? Will ship equipment (gun turrets, shields, engines, etc) be exchangeable? Will ships be fixed crafting or modular assembly? Will there be different methods to sabotage and destroy ships (example: Destroy by big ship multi-laser as shown or disable engines, exterminate all crew and get more loot)? Will ship maps be fixed or modular like normal Warframe maps. If fixed, how large will they be? Can we go all through the ship on every level, from engine room to bridge? Will there be different ship classes/types of the same fraction to attack? Will there there be missions or sectors where multiple ships with Tenno crew can cooperate (or in PVP fight each other)? What level of exploration can we expect (on a scale from every encounter is a fixed mission on the starmap to full solar system exploration and random encounters)? Any more specific date than "this year" on when it is set to release? MISC: Will there be Nyx, Wukong, Nezha etc reworks anywhere in the future, especially with Nyx Prime being Unvaulted? Any news on the Kingpin system and if so will it be integrated with Railjack? We will be dual-wielding any one-handed secondary and melee, will we be able to combine any two one-handed melee weapons or secondaries? If so what of akimbo weapons? How far is the melee rework, when is the estimated release? Will there be more Umbra warframes? If so, is the Stalker Ash Umbra (he uses shurikens, teleports, comes into our missions out of and into smoke, etc......!?!?!?!?!)?
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