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  1. I am attempting the grendel missions so I thought I'd be clever and use dethcube with the energy generator precept since, you know, the wiki says that sentinel precepts still work. And as far as I'm aware, energy generator is a precept for dethcube. I took him into the missions and it's flat out just not attacking anyone. Any ideas why?
  2. All his abilities are terrible and compared to other frames his abilities are a joke. Even the augments for his mods are basically useless. I read up on his history and saw that he has received a rework in the past. Well, i.m.o it was a sad attempt at a rework because I see no improvements.
  3. Can you do something to fix the horrible color scheme atrocity of this ability for his prime skin and his palatine skin? Before this last update, when I'd use Rhino's 2 while wearing the palatine skin, it would apply a mostly-transparent blue energy barrier effect over the whole body. Now it's this horrible high-contrast high-gamma coloration that looks awful. And it's been how many years and you guys still haven't done anything to improve the ferrite-armor effect on his normal prime skin? Wow. Can you guys please fix this already? Tired of having a staple of this warframe's abilities cause me
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