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  1. I don't understand why I can't edit the color of Baruuk's Mandala. When I press 2 it gives me a popup window saying "this decoration does not have any settings to edit (did you mean to move/remove it?) This is idiotic to be honest. I've seen screenshots of people using it in their orbiters having applied different colors, but I don't know how to enact these changes. Leave it to the developers to make something that should be so simple to do so convoluted.
  2. Please add at least an extra 1000 points. Or at least 500.
  3. It would be a nice gift. Been wanting it forever but sadly I never saw the promo code when the sacrifice dropped so I missed that boat.
  4. This is pure cancer. Life is too short for this tedious b.s. Ran jupiter for over 2 hours now trying to get 1-2 to spawn and nothing.
  5. I have the magnetic pull ephemera equipped and am using the sunpoint drill and this is what I see and MAN is it annoying having this flashing in my face when trying to mine.
  6. That circular portion in the middle of the floor would make a perfect spot to put a floor-to-roof tube filled with water and we can use it as a 2nd fish tank. That way we have somewhere to display all our orb vallis fishies! Because the bedroom fishtank isn't big enough to hold all the cetus and orb vallis fishes.
  7. I am attempting the grendel missions so I thought I'd be clever and use dethcube with the energy generator precept since, you know, the wiki says that sentinel precepts still work. And as far as I'm aware, energy generator is a precept for dethcube. I took him into the missions and it's flat out just not attacking anyone. Any ideas why?
  8. Are you sure? I was just playing 10 minutes ago and it appeared fine. Though the issue you describe I was experiencing just post-empyrian patch. Can I make a suggestion to the devs. Since there are those that do and don't like the visual effects of Rhino's base/prime skin ferrite armor, can we have a toggle switch somewhere that allows us to swap between the current ferrite armor, and an alternative where the palatine skin's armor effect is instead applied?
  9. It's been like several years all us rhino players have been asking you guys to do an overhaul for the horrible visual effect of Rhino's ferrite armor. I'm talking about base skin not deluxe palatine. If anything, the type of effect palatine has should be applied to the other skins as well. If you guys aren't going to come up with something new at least copypasta that over to the base rhino skins. On top of that, it's wrong that the ACCENTS color pallete is what controls the color of his ferrite armor at all. It should be his ENERGY COLOR that determines it. Please. I'm tired of asking for this.
  10. I ran the exploiter orb several times today. 4/7 times my HUD went blank and the other 3 times I got hyldrin parts as a reward but then after going back into fortuna they were no longer in my inventory. If these are known bugs why haven't they been fixed yet. Fortuna's already how old? Like come on DE get it together.
  11. All his abilities are terrible and compared to other frames his abilities are a joke. Even the augments for his mods are basically useless. I read up on his history and saw that he has received a rework in the past. Well, i.m.o it was a sad attempt at a rework because I see no improvements.
  12. I don't think his skills need to be reworked except for his 2. I believe the augment mod for his 2 should be inherent and his armor should be able to be shed off without a specific mod for it. If anything, the horrible VISUAL effect of his ferrite armor needs to be changed. It ruins his look entirely because it looks awful. I'm surpried DE hasn't smartened up with this, people have been asking it to be fixed for years now.
  13. I had to do all 100 of my fractures alone. Why? Because ever time I'd try to lobby for it, I would just get thrown in with any poor schmuck who happened to be doing free-roam on orb vallis. And 99% of the time people are there only to do conservation or other random non-fracture related things. So why aren't we getting specific dedicated lobbies for people who ALSO WANT TO DO THE SAME THING?!
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