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  1. One hour of Disruption (event), and only a single new rare mod? C'mon. Increase the drop rates slightly. This is my 3rd copy and only rare mod to drop from the new game mode since it's started and I probably have 4 hours total worth of playing in Disruption since it's release.
  2. New boss can pick up Revanant while he's using his 4 and the animation still plays and energy still drains. Probably a bug.
  3. Zero Dev workshops about anything related to Melee 3.0 for the longest time. Can we get any update on what's going on? Something more than "we're working on it".
  4. All this. It was a waste of a mod to prime in my opinion as well. Mod capacity is already pretty limited on companions and the normal pack leader is good enough as is. I bought it in case there were going to be any improvements on it in the future but won't be wasting any endo or credits upgrading it.
  5. PLEASE - news about anything coming up for Melee 3.0
  6. Feels like the year of postponed devstreams lol
  7. Except login rewards only require that you actually log on. Hardly a minute worth of time.
  8. Exactly. You know if you're a fan and vet of Warframe, you're generally going to happily grind out new content upon release. But it seems like it's easier to be rewarded just by not doing the new content and getting it easier down the line by simply ignoring i.
  9. I need to edit my post. I'm angry for the time I just seemingly lost if I had just waited a few more weeks. However, I'm glad they've reduced the costs and made the economy a lot easier to access.
  10. Are you serious right now? I literally just spent the last two weeks farming wisps and breaths of the eidolon like crazy to finally build all but one exodia arcanes, fully. Please give me back my time. Edit: Don't get me wrong, I'm happy they're changing the economy and costs for the better in PoE but damn, I'm angry because I just spent so many hours *RECENTLY* that I can't get back because I decided I finally wanted those Exodia arcanes in full.
  11. This is too true. Upvoted and quoted you for awareness.
  12. You receive everything immediately, except the baro relay.
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