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  1. How easy was it to understand the new quest and what you have to do to succeed? Pretty clear overall, although the quest doesn't actually involve any Void Storms (like the gameplay mechanic) What was it like having Railjack involved in a narrative quest? It works pretty well, although one thing that kinda bugs me is why force it to be a solo quest? Railjack is meant to be a team-oriented platform, but forcing it to be a solo quest means you can't have any squads at all, which seems to defeat the purpose. I remember when I was first playing The Second Dream I could d*ck
  2. It should be noted that it doesn't require you to play the Quest before jumping into a Void Storm (not that it matters, since the quest doesn't involve a tutorial in the Void Storm gameplay mechanic). In a sense, it's pretty intuitive since it's just copy pasted from Fissures, but also rather poorly explained in which there was some giant FX-bugged bubble on my RJ that oneshot my NPC crew member. The effects of the Storm are pretty unclear for starters: Cy is saying some really foreboding stuff that seems like there's a timer but who knows? Overall, it seems like a more long-winded versio
  3. Hey I made this exact same post more than a year ago when Railjack first came out! Glad to see DE is finally taking heed. While you're at it DE, please use the same buff for Ramparts and Dargyns. They also have wasted implemented functionality due to them not scaling, and are also currently one-time novelties. Another interesting side topic to consider is that any catastrophic failures of Railjack shouldn't lead to mission failure. Instead, everyone could migrate to a crewship as the mission's new base of operations, and we could have a Zanuka-style recovery mission to get your Rail
  4. Basically in Devstream, Scott said there aren't plans to expand Railjack to make it more co-op intensive (i.e. Grineer style Railjack missions) but rather plan on expanding the embedding of core Warframe into Railjack (i.e. Corpus style Railjack missions) by adding stuff like Spy, etc. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9maDMn0HYkg&t=2505s What do y'all think of this? Is this the right direction for Railjack? Would you rather it to be more co-op intensive (expanding on Points of Interest and teamwork interactions between PoIs and Railjack)? Or do you prefer it more like Co
  5. I think the suggestions would still be playable for solo players, albeit slightly more difficult. Right now, your NPC crew is just completely idle while you solo the Ground mission. With these changes, they would simply be put to work defending your Railjack and keeping it alive while you continue to do the ground mission. The priority targets just "enhance the difficulty" for your crew by buffing fighters/crewships/ramsleds and whatnot in the space region, but well invested NPCs can deal with that without going in and disabling the Priority targets. The whole point of the Command intrin
  6. Volatile is probably the most "interesting" mission out of the new Corpus missions. The ground mission is pretty well designed, although it doesn't require as much teamwork as DE would like to think lol (can be done with only 1-2 people). However, it also suffers the same problem of dividing the Railjack and Warframe sections. This especially doesn't make sense in Volatile, where you're trying to destroy a capital ship. The Corpus aren't going to be like "Hey that Railjack's trying to blow us up but there's no one on board, we can leave it alone!" It would make more sense that the entire capit
  7. I played one Corpus Proxima mission of each kind and I am...underwhelmed. The art is so beautiful and well done, and the revamped Railjack gameplay in itself is improved, but the second half "ground/Away crew" parts are extremely lacking. There is a very easy test for checking how integrated Railjack is to the mission and that is: "Can I park my railjack 5 km away and still complete the mission?" If the answer is yes (as it is with pretty much all the missions), then Railjack is not integrated. Putting standard Warframe gameplay (i.e. Defense and Exterminate) into a Railjack mission
  8. Yeah I agree. Specter AIs are kinda poo so it's not like it'd be super OP if the NPCs just chill inside the Railjack and yield their stations to other Tenno squad members. They can man their stations when other Tenno leave it (e.g. if another player in your squad gets out of the gunner seat to do the away mission, your NPC gunner should hop in and take their place). Boarders are pretty much a trivial threat, so if you've invested the resources into the NPCs they can do the interior defense if there aren't any open stations.
  9. I fully agree; it's so sad that Parazon finisher animations are literally unused except for Lich farming. I think Impact increasing chances of Mercy kills is alright, but the Mercy threshold needs to be increased to like 25% hp for instakill. Kinda related but wouldn't it be cool if Ash had special dual Parazons for assassinations? His Parazons could passively have a higher instakill threshold at like 50%, and it could synergize with his 3 (using Parazon finisher on 3 if threshold met). His 4 could also have added functionality instakill below 50% and proc your Parazon mods. Seems like a
  10. Hey an RV officer! 👋 I agree with pretty much everything here but I'd like to add some stuff as well. I think the damage of the avionics should be left as is, but what needs to be nerfed is the Flux Energy cost. Battle avionics should be like the "ultimate" of your Railjack: extremely powerful but also extremely costly and should be used as last resorts rather than a spam fest. Railjack energy pools need to be heavily nerfed so that you can only cast your battle avionic once or twice and it'll drain your entire pool of Flux; you have to fully replenish it in Engineering to get another
  11. This isn't about buffing bosses or making them more difficult, but rather just about their isolation in general. I stumbled across this unlisted video on the Warframe channel while watching the Spring Content Preview and you can actually see a Jackal in the Gas City tileset (twice!). However, we all know this never appears in gameplay, but the question is why not? This brings me to the main point: bosses are incredibly isolated in Warframe. Imagine you're a noob and you're clearing out Venus, and then you stumble across the Jackal for the first time at the node Fossa. Up un
  12. Hey I made a similar thread an entire year ago! Maybe DE will take heed this time :^( But yeah you're absolutely right; hijacked crewships need to scale (same goes with other things you can commandeer like PoE Dargyns and Ramparts). I like the Lich idea; just like how converted Liches can randomly spawn in missions, Liches should be randomly able to join Railjack missions by punching in with a crewship.
  13. Yep, Railjack is the perfect opportunity for DE to introduce an 8-player replacement for raids (discount Squad-link). That way you don't need the arbitrary transient initiation of Squad-link as debuted at Tennocon, you just queue up with 8 people; 4 for Away team and 4 for Railjack. Just take Survival for an example: 4 people launch from Railjack and start the survival mission while the other 4 stay with the Railjack and "raid the ship." I've heard the dialogue "Distract the enemy while a (lone) Tenno operative raids the ship" so many times but our "distraction" is just lamely setting off
  14. Yep, each gunner should have their own Flux Energy pools, which would solve the problem of "sh*t my gunner just wasted all my Flux." I think gunners should also have increased ability energy efficiency, a base increase on turret damage (maybe +50% compared to the pilot), decreased heat buildup, and lower cooldown on missiles (which also should not be shared between gunners and the pilot). This would support the gunner's main role: shooting down enemy fighters. The pilot's primary concern should be flying and dodging; their firepower should be secondary. Right now the pilots just do all th
  15. Came here to say the exact same thing; the Fighter/Crewship extermination objective should be removed from the sabotage missions altogether. This is Warframe, we're going to kill stuff without being told to do so! Setting up a fighter and crewship kill requirement suddenly makes it feel more like a chore. I agree that the objectives are just too "easy" right now; you can basically just stroll in and blow up everything in less than a minute if coordinated well. @Petroklosmakes some good suggestions on how to make the objectives more difficult Great suggestions^ Particularly that
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