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  1. Grendel's 3 (Regurgitate) AOE damage used to scale off enemy level (using the enemy level multiplier). Now only the regurgitated target takes the multiplied damage while the AOE damage only does the base damage. AOE damage is 1870 against Level 100 enemies. AOE damage is still 1870 against Level 160 enemies. This bug was introduced with the Deadlock Protocol update. Also, old bug but Grendel's 1 (Feast) doesn't scale off Ability Strength despite the tooltip saying so (also reported on wikia https://warframe.fandom.com/wiki/Grendel/Abilities#Bugs)
  2. Well, looks like DE took the liberty to force upon everyone the "Augmented Enemy Armor" and "Augmented Enemy Shields" modifiers. There doesn't seem to be that many rewards at all besides orbiter decorations and it does seem to be a one and done completionist thing (if players decide to embark on the Steel Path at all). So I guess "challenge of bullet sponges will be the reward" in the end.
  3. Count me in - I have completed an Arbitration Mission.
  4. Can the crowns be based around the original level of the planets rather than the enemies? For example, the node Ishtar on Venus has a base level of 6-8. Occasionally, there will be a Kuva Flood on Ishtar and modify the level to 80-100. In the current system, this would result in only being able to get Granum Crowns if i play Ishtar on the level 6-8 mode, while I can only get Zenith Granum Crowns if I play Ishtar as a Kuva Flood. It would be much preferable if the node Ishtar only dropped Granum Crowns regardless of the actual level of enemies on it. This way we are not forced to actually do a level 10 mission when the same node is hosting a higher level mission as well. Void fissures are a good example of this: Lith are always on Venus, Meso on Phobos, Neo on Neptune, and Axi on Pluto. The actual fissures raise the level of the enemies slightly, but you are always guaranteed to have the expected era on the expected planet. Similarly, Granum Crowns should only drop from Venus/Phobos, Exemplar Granum Crowns from Jupiter/Neptune, and Zenith Granum Crowns from Pluto. For players who have not completed the starchart, this would be no different from the current system, but would be immensely helpful for those of us who like playing higher level content.
  5. At the end of the day, I think the challenge should be weighed more than just rewards; I play Kuva Floods not for the actual Kuva (I have millions now) but just for fun, because it is short, diverse, and higher level (but not challenging). I think most of the rewards should be mostly cosmetic, such as ephemeras. Want to wear the heads of your enemies (that epic shoulder armor that has a Corpus head with a Redeemer stuck through with it)? Trade in your elite tokens for that as a reward. As for people cheesing the modifiers by picking the "easiest ones," the modifiers should be weighted so that the inherently difficult ones give increased multipliers. For example, energy drain would probably be weighted at a 5 times multiplier, while something trivial like low gravity would be weighted at like 0.5 times multiplier. In general, you could have the easy modifiers only be additive multipliers, while the difficult ones are multiplicative on top of that. Also the base token reward should also be weighted based on game mode (e.g. Capture and Rescue give less base elite tokens than a long mission like defense or survival). Something like: (Base elite token reward) * [1 + (Easy modifier multiplier 1) + (Easy modifier multiplier 2)] * (Difficult modifier multiplier 1) * (Difficult modifier multiplier 2) For example: Augmented Enemy Armor (1.5x multiplicative) Augmented Enemy Shields (1.5x multiplicative) Cryogenic Leakage (Half shields) (1.5x multiplicative) (mutually exclusive with no shields) No shields (2x multiplicative) Fog (0.25x additive) Electromagnetic Anomalies/Low gravity (0.5x additive) Enemy Physical Enhancement (They take less physical damage and deal more of it) (1.5x multiplicative) Enemy Elemental Enhancement (They take less elemental damage and deal more of it) (1.5x multiplicative) Energy Reduction (Reduced energy pool and energy regen) (4x multiplicative) Energy Drain (5x multiplicative) Eximus Stronghold (More eximus units) (2x multiplicative) Extreme Cold (Slower movement e.g. bullet jumps, sprinting, rolling, reloading etc.) (0.5x additive) Fire (Half health/reduced health regen) (2x multiplicative) Vampire mode (health drain, killing restores) (1.25x multiplicative) One weapon only (e.g. rifle, melee, secondary, etc.) (0.5x additive) Death detonation (0.5x additive) Timer (kills add time) (0.25x additive) So if you picked all of the easy ones and no difficult ones, you would have (Base elite token reward) * [1+ 0.25 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.25] = 2.5 * Base Elite Token Reward Now if you just pick two of the more difficult ones, say Augmented Enemy Armor (2x multiplicative) and Enemy Physical Enhancement (2x multiplicative), then you would have (Base elite token reward) * 2 * 2 = 4 * Base Elite Token Reward If you stuck all of them on like a big pp gamer, you would have (Base elite token reward) * [1+ 0.25 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.5 + 0.25] * 1.5 * 1.5 * 2 * 1.5 * 1.5 * 4 * 5 * 2 * 1.25 = ~1263 * Base Elite Token Reward Obviously, people are going to find a way to min-max this, which is why I think the reward should mostly be the challenge, and some additives of cosmetic rewards.Someone who is actually looking for a challenge will throw on all the multipliers and just have some fun. I just picked some random numbers as multipliers for each modifiers so they're not optimized to combat min-maxers
  6. Hard mode as presented in its current "state" is just an elite version of the star chart with boosted enemy levels. If the rewards are lacking, I believe it will devolve into the current star chart's state: a one time completionist thing. Furthermore, this may not be the endgame content some are looking for, because your weapons and abilities will casually rip through a level 100 enemy with no problem either. I've seen a lot of threads suggesting new mechanics to make hard mode "hard," but I don't think DE needs to reinvent the wheel. Nightmare mode is not "hard" because the levels are low, yes, but the modifiers are usually also not threatening enough. So I'll suggest this: why not allow players to enable more and more modifiers (more risk) for more rewards? Ideally, hard mode in my opinion would be something more like several rotating alerts (depending on which mode you want to play) every 15-30 minutes, with rewards being some "Elite token" or something you can trade in for rewards. More modifiers = more tokens. For any Halo players out there, basically the idea of skulls. As I said, there are already modifiers in Warframe that can make it more difficult; I'll just pull them from existing Sortie/Nightmare modifiers for those not familiar. Augmented Enemy Armor Augmented Enemy Shields Cryogenic Leakage (Half shields) No shields Fog Electromagnetic Anomalies/Low gravity Enemy Physical Enhancement (They take less physical damage and deal more of it) Enemy Elemental Enhancement (They take less elemental damage and deal more of it) Energy Reduction (Reduced energy pool and energy regen) Energy Drain Eximus Stronghold (More eximus units) Extreme Cold (Slower movement e.g. bullet jumps, sprinting, rolling, reloading etc.) Fire (Half health/reduced health regen) Vampire mode (health drain, killing restores) One weapon only (e.g. rifle, melee, secondary, etc.) Death detonation Timer (kills add time) One of these modifiers by itself is probably not much to worry about, but when you start stacking them, you'll have reduced/draining health, shields, energy, damage, etc. The only thing that needs to be nerfed prematurely is spoiler mode and maybe Inaros, and then you'll have a challenge on hand. Most of these modifiers should only affect you, so if you go to matchmaking (pub) with all the modifiers on, you might still be matched with someone who only has like 1 or 2 enabled (with exception to some of the environmental modifiers). More modifiers can be introduced based on mechanics already in the game (e.g. Alarms make for more heavy unit spawns). I personally only play Sorties/Kuva Floods because they are the closest thing I can get to "endgame content" without having to run an endless mission. They also don't feel repetitive because the nodes/modes for them are constantly changing. Hard mode can harness this same diversity, while actually introducing the challenging aspect some players are looking for. Thanks for reading! Let me know what y'all think. TL;DR: Allow players to stack existing Warframe difficulty modifiers from Sortie/Nightmare in "Hard mode" to create more challenge as a high risk, high reward scenario. Rewards are some kind of tokens (similar to Scarlet Spear credits, idk about rewards).
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