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  1. In the UK on PC that's equivalent to buying 53 of the 4,300 Platinum packages - at a cost of 'just' £6,900...
  2. Are there any plans to release Sentient Pets? Is there any update you can give on the status of the Switch port?
  3. Just curious - the Pistol Riven received turned out to be for the Pandero; what weapons are others seeing the Riven unveil for (if you're open to saying)?
  4. I got a Brakk Blueprint as a drop; I didn't realise other components (barrel, receiver) will drop, too - so thanks for the comment above.
  5. Does anyone else wonder whether this event is doing some kind of early set-up for the next story quest (which, I speculate, may have Natah returning to the Origin System to pick a fight)?
  6. I'm pretty sure the 'email' message in-game had something along the lines of "rewards will be issued at the end" (which I took to mean after September 13) but there was no detail I recall on what the rewards may be. Anyone else been able to discover any information?
  7. I've bought Warframe packs for PC via Steam (in the UK) successfully.
  8. Last time I bought dual packs with teh 'frames, weapons, Platinum etc. they were roughly £45 on the PC and £50 on the Xbox One (which compared with £40 for just 1,000 platinum on Xbox). The individual packs were, I think, around £33 on Xbox and £29 or so on PC.
  9. The unvaultings have run for 4-5 weeks in the past. The last time Rhino prime was unvaulted he was available for five weeks, Tuesday 27 June 2017 to Tuesday 1 August 2017. So, if DE sticks to this pattern, I'd expect Rhino prime this time around to be available (in Europe (and Asia)) Wednesday 25 July 2018 to Wednesday 29 August (a day earlier in N+S America and a day later in Japan). ** Please bear in mind that I haven't see official dates, so these could prove incorrect. **
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