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  1. I don't know about remapping, usually I just do a melee attack to slam to the ground. Not the most sophisticated of methods, but gets the job done and fast.
  2. Let's see... WEAPON RNG REDUCTION - This isn't doing anything, this is just a cheapskate "look we are doing something (even though it doesn't fix anything)" move. 1:13 goes to a 1:12 chance for any given weapon. Does not solve anything whatsoever. Let us combine weapons of the same type for a guaranteed increase in status %. It doesn't have to be much, but let us do SOMETHING with bad % status rolls ffs. This? This ain't it chief. RECYCLE YOUR REQUIEM - Ehh, I guess it's something. Better than selling it for a pitiful amount of endo at least, so good job on this point, I've got no complaints here. TRADE YOUR LICH - So, are we slave traders now? "Here, I spare you and you can serve me, so I can sell you for another tenno to slaughter you." I mean, I get that it's dystopian crapsack future world, but damn. Lore weirdness aside, I really don't like this. I STILL have to go through the pain of beating the lich, If I get minimum roll bloody nobody will want to trade and maximum rolls will be traded for exorbitant amounts of plat on the side. This is bloody riven trading 2.0 and we really, REALLY, R E A L L Y do not need that. This doesn't make the system less rng-intensive or bullS#&$, it just adds and extra, exploitable step. And seriously, who is going to take, a say, 25/ Impact Kuva Karak lich from me? Most likely nobody.
  3. This absolutely did NOT need a fix. I suppose you are alright with it if I just head straight to extraction then and if someone cannot finish their lich before the timer ticks to zero, it sucks to be them, right? Because that is exactly what you are encouraging. Why would I help, when I get nothing out of and just wasting my time? Or, really, why would I go to a public run when soloing is now way more efficient. No bothering with the liches of others. Lovely way to discourage coop play in a coop game. Look, I get it, you want to stretch out what is essentially a single bossfight to make it into moths of content. But liches as is are not fun. Sure, everybody and their mother is grinding them NOW, but how long do you think before people just say "sod this, I'm out!" I'm honestly at the brink of doing that, even though I have 3k hours in the game and have been zealously grinding out all the new gear whenever they dropped. I even grinded Khora and the ESO vandals out and didn't raise a stink. But this? This is too much. Today I got a one new weapon and maxed it out. After that I left the game. And you know what I felt? Relief. Relief that I'm done for today. It feels like work, a chore. My enthusiasm towards opening up Warframe is in freefall since the update. It doesn't help that somehow every damn update makes this process worse and worse.
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