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  1. I love parts of this game, and support it monetarily. But there are a few things DE could (but hopefully never will) do that would make me walk away. The main ones being what Blizzard is currently doing with China censorship, or not providing free paths to new content; nothing could possibly make up for any of those. What they did with providing free ways to get the Mod Drop Chance Booster is a good sign they probably won't any time soon. So yeah, if Railjack got paywalled, or "surprise mechanics" became a significant part of the game, that'd be a very sad goodbye. I'm honestly most worried about the censorship thing. I like to believe DE will do the right thing and take a stand for free speech against oppression.
  2. Will you please add the ability to get a larger friend list somehow? If not soon, then at least eventually? I'm thinking something like base 100, plus 100 per mastery rank (so 3100 at MR30 eventually, 1000 at MR9,) and 100 plat for every 100 more slots beyond that, with a very high cap for bought slots (ideally 30k+.) See also:
  3. @[DE]Rebecca In all seriousness, please add buyable friend slots. Base 100, plus 100 per mastery rank (so 3100 at MR30 eventually, 1000 at MR9,) and 100 plat for 100 more slots beyond that. Many of your warframe partners are going to need something like this, because they use the friends list to support their viewer counts. You will quickly make several thousand plat in sales off each major partner this way, along with some popular whales. I think you'll find the people that need 10k+ friends on their lists are willing to pay for the perk... and that they do, in fact, need it. The purchases can then fund the overhead of supporting it. And having a lower cap at MR0 will help prevent people from trying to troll with it. Flat 1000 is a bad idea.
  4. Please make all the cosmetics permanent; the ears, the ephemera, the halloween pumpkin, all the usual suspects. Making them season-only is just a waste of their potential. We can have year-round xmas orbiters, we have year round peculiar mods, if we can make enemies sprout flowers year round, why can't we wear bunny ears year round too if that's our style?
  5. More, actually, since among the many errors involved there, you get 20 bait per blueprint craft, Sharrac are one of the worst meat fishes, and you get more than just meat from cutting fish, while you get JUST standing when you turn them in for it. Until you get to the top fish, the BPs are clearly better for your average serious or even semi-serious fishertenno.
  6. NO WAY! Absolutely not under any circumstances. I want to keep my old BPs, and I want new players to be able to buy and use them too. Just put them on Kin/Old Mate rank if "new player trapping" is a concern, but the fish bait BPs need to be kept and expanded on, NOT EVER removed. Both systems of getting bait need to coexist, forcing people to spend standing for bait is not something I'd accept. I've never used Fortuna bait and until I can craft it I probably never will.
  7. You're forgetting that we have Thumpers now, which are going to give us excesses of any of those at random. And using the BPs doesn't (or shouldn't) mean you have to ONLY use the BPs. They're a sink for excess fish parts, and an option for when you want to conserve standing for other things. Say you happen to get a nice chance to fish Murkray with a friend's bait... now you have an excess of murk parts, and you could use that to get a bunch of Norg bait without spending standing on each consumable. It's not a bad thing, and as you already pointed out... the game's FULL of new player traps anyways. This one would be far more useful than leaving the mod packs in the market, yet those are still there last I checked.
  8. Ooof. Saying what needs to be said right in the title. The other archwings work fine in non-free-roam content (they actually all have useful niches there already,) but the EMP rockets make them almost irrelevant to free roam, so the EMP rockets pretty much have to be removed for people to use different archwings. I managed to use Amesha for Thermia a bit, so I can fill in that bit - it half works. Even with max range, the 4, 2, and 1 up constantly, full health/armor/shield mods, energy at 100ish or below, all constantly, it will give you about 2-3 minutes of blocked EMPs on average before one gets through anyways. Go figure. That's with EVERY trick in the book up. Total invulnerability on extreme levels and there's still something - a glitch? where it just knocks you out of Amesha anyways, and that cancels all your abilities so you have to re-cast everything once you get back into AW in the first place. SUPER annoying. I would never bother using it for normal bounties or anything else in free roam, but because Thermia is a group activity and I could leave the can-ferrying to an Itzal in the group, it sort of works there as a half decent clutch option, IF you fully max out everything. Only even semi-viable application I've personally found for a non-Itzal archwing in free roam with the EMP as it is, which is honestly extremely sad. The EMP has got to be toned down or given stronger counterplays.
  9. While I've already had them all for a year, so it doesn't really affect me directly, I have to agree with OP when it comes to still selling both the old BPs and the new direct rep-to-bait for new players. I'm certainly not going to sell my BPs, especially the Twilight one, and I feel new players deserve to have the option to choose what mix of bp-crafted bait and rep-bought bait they want, too. Just drop the credit value down to something reasonable and put them back in at the old costs, maybe even cheaper. Don't even care if I'm refunded the difference or not. I'd honestly like to see reusable BPs for Fortuna fish bait too, though since they spawn without bait and there's the Exploiter Orb, this can be fairly low priority. Just would be nice to see some day.
  10. Agreed, insofar as nerfing Itzal would just make me start avoiding free roam content again like I did the first year plains was out. However, I think K-Drives ARE redeemable, they just need abilities, ideally ones keyed towards achieving Itzal-grade movement. Teleports, extreme turbos that can be activated for those long, straight distances (especially at the peak of jumps,) things like that. K-Drive doesn't have to stay something almost no one uses, they just need to acknowledge what would actually be needed for people to want to use them much. Just raising K-Drive base or sprint speed would just make them uncontrollable - that's why speed bursts need to be on some special ability that can be used only when it will actually help.
  11. Exactly. If we were to lose Blink in free roam, which would be a bad idea to begin with, for it to be equivalent to how coptering was handled, we'd need to get just as much or MORE speed traversing free roam as we had with it from other, now-universally-available sources. Such as making Void Dash not take energy in free roam. THAT is the sort of thing that would be REQUIRED for there to be any equivalence to coptering on this issue. Or add a turbo option to air dash (the midair "roll") where you can use bullet jump straight up to clear obstacles, then spam-tap roll in midair to have it continually move at blink speed until you stop tapping. Something that will actually replace the mechanic with something comparable or better. Air roll is already pretty fast, it's just short and only usable once per jump, which is what makes it currently a mere drop in a bucket that needs to be completely filled when it comes to getting around the Vallis.
  12. Huh, interesting. Usually when I manage to endure some (e.g. with Amesha's defenses) they just keep firing more very often, sometimes ignoring even the invulnerability from the 4 with a lowish energy value. Maybe Elytron is actually the best one for combat currently, didn't expect that, will have to try it sometime. Have you tried this on fracture defenses?
  13. Oh, you spam the chaff thing? That works on them? You don't run out of energy or get hit anyways every 1 in 100 missiles? Elytron is probably my least used archwing.
  14. Exactly. It's like he's never encountered them, somehow. I'm not sure why he's saying what he is. Doesn't make sense based on my experience, which seems to line up with a lot of other peoples'.
  15. So you think making eids more dependant on RNG of how far they decide to roam from the shrine regardless of kill time is a good thing, rather than letting Itzal keep it down to a dull roar? I don't think it's a good thing. I doubt most people would. How many caps do you have? Do you even care about eidolons? Why do you feel the need to mock how people use Itzal for Eidolons? Would you like it if someone treated something similar that you like in the same way?
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