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  1. Please address liches again, there has been a ton of feedback that has been dismissed outright.
  2. Why are whole guns thrown away when they're replaced? Would it be feasible to have them be modded instead, like warframe weapons are (albeit in a more limited way)? The RNG on components andarmaments, going back to the liches and their guns, doesn't do what it's supposed to. Instead of it adding personality to your guns and ship it promotes component disposability. People love their warframes and guns, they're customized to where they feel good for the particular player. The railjack components are just thrown away. Ability to upgrade them instead of replacing them would go a long way towards making them feel distinctly our own. Having the stuff needed for higher tier armament and component upgrades drop from higher level areas would take care of the harder enemier = better rewards thing just as well. This would also take care of the complaints about rare rewards being worse versions of what we already have. Even rivens are better in this sense since their stats are based around a set disposition.
  3. It's not just the liches, it's a systemic issue now that it made its way into Empyrean as well. I stopped playing, I'm not dealing with this BS. I really hope they turn things around so I can justify coming back to the game.
  4. So liches are done then? No more revisions to them?
  5. That's nice. Still not reinstalling. Address lich feedback properly.
  6. Well I'll be.. I was wrong, and was corrected without insult. The internet has changed...
  7. Or, to simplify it, add the option at Iron Wake for an NPC to dissolve the weapon you got from a vanquished lich into kuva. There might be an issue with this becoming the meta kuva source, or if it's too low, using the meta kuva source to buff the weapon instead. Adding "tainted kuva" might solve that, as in the weapon dissolves into a few k kuva (less than same time investment in kuva survival) and enough tainted kuva to buff an existing weapon a bit. Or, forego the resource to buff weapons and do it through arcanes. Each weapon dissolves into an r0 arcane, arcanes give +15/30/45/60% at r0/1/2/3, weapon only has element that will be boosted, no number, arcanes are weapon-specific so you can't use brakk arcanes on a seer, etc. Then you need to farm 11 of each weapon for max stats, more if you want different element versions. 11 each of 13 weapons at 2 hours each is 286 hours with near perfect RNG. 7 full time working weeks of content, minimum, and almost all liches would be equally in demand for trading as they give arcanes.
  8. We don't. Armistice means we can't form alliances. Edit: I was wrong, we can still form alliances.
  9. I think that goes to those people not liking the grind, but not knowing how to improve it, so they say to shorten it. It comes from the same place, a long boring grind for sometimes no reward.
  10. Have the mission availability on cooldown like the siphons, or dependent on affinity gain in game so it pops up if you play other parts.
  11. The grind complaints are about the concentrated boredom of doing the same thing over and over. You know, grind. Something progressing over a month doesn't have to be a grind, it could be a slow and steady but fun progression.
  12. There's a cephalon on board. If not for menial tasks like building ammo as needed, what is it for?
  13. I'm only a couple nightwave levels away from another Umbra forma. Next week I'll grind out that standing to get the forma, just in case, then uninstall until I read good reviews about a major update. Till then, I've plenty of games from Steam sales I haven't even touched yet.
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