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  1. Can I please be allowed to donate articula to my dojo? Even as its standard pose like a noggle. I want my museum...
  2. Is it out of the question to get a Helios/kubrow mod that makes it scan plants? Gathering plants on Earth is such a pain.
  3. Or at least a nitain tactical alert...
  4. No matter how long they extend it to, there will always be someone a few levels away from 30 when it ends.
  5. It's been extended by like 3 weeks. Original end date was in April, it was supposed to go for 10 weeks.
  6. There will definitely be a new armour set, they showed a shoulder bit in a dev stream iirc. As for the wolf armour returning, are there cosmetics that were rewarded for events previously that aren't available any more in any way? Maybe they'll make the armour bits drop separately from the Wolf at very low chance, like ephemera does for the Stalker.
  7. That's weird. You got a week to do those missions, and skipping a few a week would still get you to 30. I guess it depends on how much total time you play a week, and that seems like one of the goals of Nightwave, to increase participation and total play time.
  8. That's what I don't get. You could blast through to finish The War Within in like a weekend. I don't think quest completion is really barring people from a whole season. You could also grab the most basic kitguns/amps at tier 1, so that's not really a problem either. The only challenges new players couldn't do were the orbs and eidolons, and the latter is debatable (and the 60 min survivals, but that's getting fixed in S2).
  9. I suspect they're planning to surprise us with the gas city rework just as series 1 ends. That gives us a few weeks to acclimate to that until series 2 kicks in, and I imagine the cred offerings from Nightwave will be available through some system connected to the Jovian Accord in the mean time. Just a guess tho.
  10. You need to prioritize a decent loadout over the dojo. I could do sorties before I even started my dojo. You get one forma a day, that's plenty. There were a few gift alerts with potatoes in them, that's enough to tackle a sortie. You can sell the rivens you get for the plat to get slots. Sure, pouring a bit of cash into plat does make things easier, its a free game after all. You could ask for help with planning instead of assuming the game is badly scaled. PM me if you want advice, but not if you just want to complain.
  11. Sorties aren't that difficult. You should be getting matched up with teams that can carry you through them at least half the time if you don't have potatoes on your frame or weapons. I'll agree it's a bit unfair on people who just started and haven't done the quests to unlock sorties, but anyone more than a couple weeks into the game shouldn't have any trouble.
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