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  1. After seeing rando's play with their necramechs and watching some footage on Youtube, I literally have no idea why anyone would want to build one of these. Most of my Warframes are faster, do more damage, have more tankiness, have access to a jetpack, and can be used in all content instead of a few content isles.
  2. Seems like the latest update finally fixed them, for me at least. Everyone that's had issues, update the game and try interacting with the decorations. I'll ask for this thread to be closed once I know from enough people that this is no longer an issue.
  3. Really hoping this gets fixed tomorrow.
  4. In my defence, I try to stay away from general discussions as much as possible for my own sanity.
  5. On Steel Path, a Mind Controlled enemy with the augment at 10000% still does no damage to anything that isn't infested.
  6. It doesn't matter if Roar, Warcry, what have you is nerfed by 75% or whatever, it still doesn't change the fact that even nerfed, those abilities are still more useful than some of the garbage abilities other frames have. Decoy, Mind Control, Ballistic Battery, all these abilities never get used anyway so why bother keep them if we can get an ability that boosts all damage even by 5%? The main problem with the abilities getting nerfed is that it doesn't change the fact that everything else is still worse in comparison.
  7. Someone made a post featuring all of the problematic decorations here.
  8. We're practically getting new posts about these issues almost daily now.
  9. I completely agree with you, nerfing the best abilities doesn't make me want to use anything else because everything else in comparison is trash.
  10. Yeah, it sucks that the seemingly best abilities for subsuming are getting nerfed before the system is even out, but we don't even know by how much yet. And regardless of the nerfs, the functionality of those abilities are gonna remain same. Dispensary is still going to give you more energy than you used to make it, Warcray still has its augment, and Roar is, well, Roar.
  11. I was really hoping to enter this contest too, but I guess I'll have to save it for next year since I don't think this is getting fixed until Heart of Deimos is released.
  12. I actually hope so, I have a few ideas for massively sized decorations to use in my dry dock. Don't take that out of context.
  13. I'm passed 30 in Nightwave and up to that point I've been skipping half the challenges, it's not that hard to not do the things you don't want to do.
  14. It's not just that decoration, several of the new decorations have this problem. there's absolutely no way to fix it short of destroying the room.
  15. Warcry on Baruuk. The world does not know true DPS in the form of Serene Storm, but I know, THE WHOLE WORLD WILL KNOW!
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