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  1. Could the Necramech hover be changed from holding jump to holding aim? It's effectively a different take on aimgliding, but on controller it basically takes away your ability to aim Your thumb can't hold A/X and move the right stick to aim at things at the same time
  2. Happened on the Plains. Bug persisted until I left If either primary or secondary emptied they'd reload automatically like normal, but hitting reload did nothing unless I was airborne: falling, bullet jumping, etc I think it might have been related to the K-Drive. I only experienced the bug after getting knocked off it
  3. Dunno how to replicate it. Was on Deimos, using Amesha, getting attacked by a lot of things as usual Twice in the same bounty I'd have my ability to strafe using the left stick just disappear. The only means of turning was using the right stick to look around and then move forward in that direction It might be related to boosting, since strafing is disabled then
  4. The memorial flowers are based of their default colorings I'm guessing? Since you can only subsume once
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