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  1. Galleons/Obelisks need to be an interactive part of engagements. The most exciting thing about Railjack was taking on what amounts to an entire tileset in head-on combat. As is Crewships feel like tutorials for what fighting a capital ship should be like: damaging different parts of the ship, disabling weapons, using the artillery cannon to deal big damage, etc Somewhat related, it feels like shooting a crewship/galleon should deal some damage to the crew inside. It feels odd and disjointed to be pelting a ship with indiscriminate fire while no one inside appears any worse for wear E
  2. Could the Necramech hover be changed from holding jump to holding aim? It's effectively a different take on aimgliding, but on controller it basically takes away your ability to aim Your thumb can't hold A/X and move the right stick to aim at things at the same time
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