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  1. So apparently this is an old bug that never got fixed, I found an older post that was archived last year but I seem to be having the same issues. I recently made a zaw and it looks glitched. I didnt even see a preview when I first crafted the zaw, so that was already a fair warning. But now when I look at it in my arsenal, the hilt and sugatra are double, depending on your view. Some M.C. Escher going on there. Also the zaw is visible when I'm invisible? My zaw is made from sepfahn, plague akwin and ekwana jai II.
  2. I also encountered the problem yesterday. Was helping a friend clearing Uranus, but 3 times we did the extermination missions, we had to abort. No enemies spawning, and the enemy indicator guided us through the whole underwater labyrinth (2min of just swimming, no enemies spawning). Ended underwater, according to the indicator enemies should've been spawning underneath me. Nothing. Swam back, nothing. Indicator going all over the place 😕 Comming from point A, directed to point B, no enemies, guides us back to A, no enemies, guides us back to B, no enemies.... etc. This should be a priority bugfix because it kind of makes Uranus unplayable, and defenitly NOT fun. You start the mission, and halfway it just bugs out. Waste of time trying to play Uranus exterminate missions, we just gave up.
  3. And the lighting finally works on my Razer Chroma keyboard! :) Never seen it working on Warframe, only now after this update.
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