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  1. I can totally agree to that line of thinking, but I think DE wants to add new "features" to the Primes lately, remember the Zuge Prime, and the Tebron Prime... I thik having quick press and let go of the duplex being the default 10M detonate is fairly classic, to a 10M Corinth user, it almost makes no different.. right?
  2. I always thought only Tenno Weapons can have a Prime, I think Knell and Ferrox are not tenno weapons. they might have Raith/Prisma/Vendal instead? TBH I really like the Knell weapon gimmicks.
  3. this better be a bug pending to be repaired. I enjoy the void void fissure runs...
  4. Saw the DevStream last week, and holy jzzzers was it great knowing my favorite shotty getting a Prime! but as I saw the secondary layout: Self control detonate is sooooo sexy! wonder wat is max range, totally want to shoot air targets or use it as far range weapon long time ago, this is truly dream come true! But then I got worried, because clicking secondary twice very fast may not be good for your mouse wheel, and may not regester, or you may press too late because it's a mouse wheel... My suggestion is to use Duplex trigger, because you just hold the press for very short time, then let go to trigger/detonate, it's much easier then press twice. if one should let go too early (before 10 M range) the trigger will delay it self till 10M, and like original, it will not detonate on impact, because skill. yeah, I am not one to like duplex trigger, but this is one time I think duplex is actually SUPER effective!
  5. I know this is too early, but can we have Duplex trigger for shot/detonate the secondary fire of Corinth Prime, and if press release too early could explode close cause stun to user, or just reset to 10m default, and if (holding down too long) not activate detonate, and she’ll hits something, it won’t explode. Middle mouse click twice fast is pain..
  6. Yey, but it’s 11AM my time... it’s hard..... also.. Kuva Kulstar?
  7. Thanks, we awaits for the great link/connecting game play, and have it all content feel like one
  8. ..99 bottles of kuva on the wall... ...yo ho ho ho the space ninja’s life for me...
  9. Great fixes, I hope we can get wreckage marked like our mods now, and letting us have vaccum In space with range based on how many sentinels are equipped, (because they are around the ship like resource drones, picking up junks for us; or hell, why not let us actually pack resceource drones as ability to sent them out in a wide area to pick up detected loots?) also, when are we getting a companion revive gear item? Having my cat die on a dying enemy ship while being teleported back to RJ is stupid... I hope we can get some more intresting weapons later down the line for our RJ soon these weapons are so boring...
  10. YDon’t give up DE! this is a good update, keep refine this game, and add to this new world you just added, link it to the old games, we all can’t wait to see it
  11. Nice, love new mode, can’t wait to see how this can “connect” players in more ways.
  12. THANKS DE! we all want to see this game great! First day dropping big content, 2 hotfixes, what a DEV team! But also, that’s a lot of bugs!! LOL but we will stand by you all DaVay thanks for the new toy to hold us over Christmas! Can’t wait to have more diverse weaponaries for our new ships!
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