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  1. Um... Melee->Gun is ADS(aim down sight) I use my Redeemer prime by holding "block" and just shoot by clicking melee attack every 1.2 seconds to have consistent aim/shots.... after this, I will not have good fast consistent and accurate gun fires anymore?
  2. Profit Taker Orb Case#747 Corpus, Orokin, Sentient, these are what runs in my vein Big and tough though I appear, yet soft longing heart within ... Stumping dolly is my game, Destruction, raiding is my name. Made to be feared I want not, Longing one who understand ... sitting on a research lab, it is how my days are spent I come with entourage of friends, yet I feel lonely inside … Shielded, guarded, monitored, Chained and Bonded to my lord Beyond orbit of Venus, Can any one hear my cry? … Sending my voice across, To anyone who receives If you find this calling card, Will you fill this lonesome heart?
  3. PLEASE tell me the ArchWeapon for Hildyrn is holding is a Gatling Gun!~~~
  4. Let’s start the year with better reward for hard contends!! Big question, is Railjack our new player home?? Please be our new player home!!
  5. Railjack! RetrofitPoE? New planetary tiles?VuVu reworks?enemy/weapon/Warframe/damagebalancing? Actual enticing rewards for Arb, Prof, and actual loot from medium spiders? Looks like a year with many things coming, I’m super excited to see this year begins in Dev Stream!
  6. NICE !!! We awaits Rail jack and the Tao system!!!
  7. Having water issue... my Dye dropped pass water(no float), and no dye effect cave water have wierd clission issue too, seems to have zone separations or ice layer where spears can’t hit fish... Thanks! Weekend fixes is amazing to see! Thanks DE for all the hard works!!-
  8. Weekend bug fix?!?! THANKYOU DE!!!
  9. Please give new players low level things to do... don’t let new players be discouraged
  10. "..Your action have consequences..." may be more iconic....
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