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  1. Wisp Bug. So if Wisp equips a melee weapon she gets into walking stance. Just how other warframes are. I used Skiajit sword on wisp and yea thats kinda bugged/ not developed i think. If she starts using a gun , she goes back into her flying state.
  2. Well we have 1 update atleast. Thats the title of this thread 😛
  3. Oh please, you do not know i only get 3-4 hrs free time everyday and my internet is 200 kbps . If i dont put the update as soon as it comes out i wont be able to play tomorrow. I get your point but just because you do something differently doesnt mean the industry standards or expectations should also change. I do like DE and the direction of their work but somethings are just subpar like these. DE probably does balancing better than blizzard atleast lol , but thats something for another topic. I am going off anyway , 1 day no gaming is no big deal :)
  4. They arent big i know but i cant see why they cant like "oh so we have 5 more hours of work left hmm it wont be complete today so atleast we should tell the community it wont come today" and then like somehow they do complete the work and release the update say " Woo we preponed the update , we love you guys " or something. I mean that shouldnt be hard. They can even say "Sorry guys but update will come friday" . I am pretty sure everyone just wants to hear something even if it means update is a month away so that they can get back to their work. I myself want to go to sleep but if the update does land today i want to put it in update, i can imagine others having stuff like going somewhere or doing something else too.
  5. So, i have been stalking the threads since like 6 hrs and wew. DE has a few community mods watching over and i am pretty sure someone would be watching this forum too. We may not get the update today but we should get an update by the time they leave, atleast thats what Rebecca said in the other thread. Or they might just release the update. I am new to the game but damn the update date and time is so confused with DE I am quite baffled.
  6. Someone pointed out work time is 9 to 5 .
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